Washington coach will await update on RGIII before announcing a backup

...quarterback Kirk Cousins for Week 1 after Griffin visits a neurologist "early this week."Washington opens the regular season...Redskins' Aug. 29 game against Baltimore, before a team neurologist reversed his decision.Griffin has participated in practices...

Peyton Manning silences critics with late TD drive

...was injured on Cleveland's opening drive last week against the New York Jets. He has not been cleared by an independent neurologist to practice.VIKINGS: With his coaches growing "worrisome" and the misses continuing to pile up, place-kicker Blair...

Tom Brady helps Patriots earn win vs. Panthers

...concussion, reversing an earlier decision to let him play.In a statement released Friday by the Redskins, NFL independent neurologist Robert Kurtzke is quoted that Griffin "should be held from game play this weekend and be retested in one (to) two weeks...

'VA is Lying' campaign organizer aids Waynesboro veteran

...insurance ran out and he was assigned to a pain management team at the Cleve land VA Medical Cen ter in Ohio that consisted of a neurologist, psychiatrist, physical therapist and an anesthesiologist.After spending a couple of years experimenting with different...

Sterlings' trial opens with talk of Alzheimer's

LOS ANGELES - A neurologist testified Monday that Donald Sterling likely has Alzheimer's disease as a trial over the $2 billion Los Angeles Clippers sale...

High-tech house calls a click away

Neurologist David Hess can treat stroke victims...developed a technology that allows a neurologist to view a patient, and brain scans...it a viable business. "We bring the neurologist to the patient," said Dr. Hess...

Most small-business owners actually seek meaning, not time off

...parties, that encourages lawsuits and has as a chief priority of creating dependency and entitlement among our public.Neurologist, psychiatrist, author and Holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl taught us something in his many books, especially in Man's...

Head injury likely ends Hearn's career

...broadcaster Chick Hearn has probably called his last game, his neurologist said Saturday after performing surgery for brain hemorrhaging...foresee that he will have a difficulty to be announcing," the neurologist, Dr. Asher Taban, told reporters outside Northridge Hospital...

Hall of Famer Forrest Gregg won't join suit against the NFL

...Hall of Famer Forrest Gregg says that while he and his neurologist blame concussions for his Parkinson's disease, he's...disease on both mind and body.When Gregg was diagnosed, his neurologist, Dr. Rajeev Kumar, a Parkinson's expert and medical...

Youngs' football future uncertain

...several concussions over the last three years, met with his neurologist Wednesday in a consultation that could determine his football...said his agent, Leigh Steinberg, who is not related to the neurologist. Wide receiver Jerry Rice said he believes Young is at the...