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Can kids' brains be trained to pay attention?

...great individual variation among healthy children and adults, and problems with this particular attention-paying neural network may be one of many involved in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD. Posner and colleagues at Cornell...
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MCG researches stroke repair

...signals aren't reaching the affected area, Dr. Hess said. Or neurons might be forming but not connecting with the neural network. The MCG team collaborating on stem cell research is focusing a majority of its first efforts on strokes. Using...
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We have a right to stay healthy

...drinks simply because you are too boring to me in your Marlboro posings - even though it affects your long-term neural networks function? It does make me happy, though, to change my club or eatery environment to create a more harmonious...
Banks are watching what you buy

...advantage of that. "They can't adopt your pattern," said Wesley Wilhelm of HNC Software, a top provider of neural network programs. "That's why there is nothing that comes close to this for finding stolen, lost or counterfeit cards...
Study finds sleep helps young brain development

...The research adds to evidence from other studies that sleep is required for the brain to maintain and strengthen neural networks. "Every animal sleeps - even flies may have a state like sleep ... but why the brain needs sleep has remained...
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Computer users can breed cyberpets with `creatures' cd

...eggs that carry a mixture of genetic code (digital DNA) from each parent and random mutations. Norns possess a neural network (a "brain" capable of learning) comprising 1,000 neurons and an internal biochemistry and metabolism containing...
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