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TV networks' nightmare is a dream appliance

...contending the slim silver box violates their copyrights by letting users share shows over the Internet. But the angst in network executive suites is really more about something else: These devices allow viewers to watch what they want when they want...
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Cartoon Network executive leaves job

ATLANTA - The head of the Cartoon Network has resigned after a marketing stunt that caused a terrorism scare in Boston.
AP source: Couric leaving news anchor post

...Evening News" less than five years after becoming the first woman to solely helm a network TV evening newscast.A network executive, who spoke on condition of anonymity because Couric has not officially announced her plans, reported the move to...
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Tyson may be headed back to the ring

...fight again. Tyson hasn't fought since last February, when he stopped Clifford Etienne in 49 seconds. Showtime network executive Jay Larkin said he is in talks with Finkel for a Tyson fight on June 5. Tyson has fought mainly on Showtime in recent...
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DVD releases

...series set at a sketch-comedy show in New York. She plays the show's head writer, coping with a meddlesome network executive (Alec Baldwin) and a fickle new cast member (Tracy Morgan). BASICS: Three-disc set has with the first 21...
What's television's most anticipated comedy doing on UPN?

...recently. Ostroff had to keep her feelings quiet, figuring Fox would become more interested if it heard a rival network executive was interested. When Fox's option ran out, she pounced. LeRoi said Fox's rejection was for financial, not...
Businesses, advertising firms try in-home research

...Sweeney helped focus the free-flowing conversation on food, then television shows about food, and finally the Food Network. Only later were the surprised couples told that a man sitting in on the discussion was a Food Network executive.
Businesses, ad firms turn to in-home research

...the Food Network. Only later were the surprised couples told that a man sitting in on the discussion was a Food Network executive. On the Net: Eight O'Clock Coffee Co.: Kaplan Thaler Group Ltd.: www.kaplanthaler...
Documentary aims to show bias on Fox News Channel

...point of view," says Jon Du Pre, a former Fox News correspondent. The film also quotes internal memos from a top network executive that seem to call for pro-Bush coverage. "Ribbons or medals? Which did John Kerry throw away after he returned...
Does 7 days without TV make one weak?

...troubled by the messages they see on TV, and that's a perfectly good reason," says Frank Vespe, TV-Turnoff Network executive director. On the other hand, his organization takes a dim view of television regardless of its "good" or "bad...