Commissioner Sammie Sias defends work at Jamestown Community Center

...including allegations that only Sias has a key to the building and whether the city had properly overseen the neighborhood association's spending of sales tax dollars on renovations.Williams said a parent reached out to him about a child being...

Supports Summerville Neighborhood Association

...As president of the Summerville Neighborhood Association, I would like to respond to the...Commission and the Summerville Neighborhood Association. First, the Summerville Neighborhood Association is not connected to the Historic...

Opinion columns
Restricting goals draws foul in neighborhoods

...alliance and Sandridge Neighborhood Association, found little support...president of her Walton Acres neighborhood association, said Sias was taking...addressed through the neighborhood association and working with the parents...

Rants & Raves

...who are trying to improve our city, not complain about not getting $150 for sitting on a committee. RAVE TO NEIGHBORHOOD Association leaders Arthur Brengettsy and L.C. Myles and also Augusta Commission member Sammy Sias, who have worked...

History is worth saving

...about the Historic Preservation Commission. It is distinctly separate from Historic Augusta and the Summerville Neighborhood Association, which are commonly vilified in its place. The Historic Preservation Commission is a group of volunteers who...

Ramblin' Rhodes: Former senator's love of music will be remembered

...Summerville residents so much that they immediately rose up in protest and soon afterward formed the Summerville Neighborhood Association which became Augusta and Richmond County's first such politically organized neighborhood group.Then Augusta...

City not unified on saving history

...in cases where an abandoned building turned into a hazard and left few other options, said former Olde Town Neighborhood Association President John Olinzock."In the case of government, you have to look at what's best for everyone," he...

Evans woman pleads not guilty in neighborhood association theft case

The former treasurer of an Evans neighborhood association has pleaded not guilty to felony theft charges.It was announced at a Friday arraignment hearing in Columbia County that Laurie...

There are no outsiders in this community

...of Country Club Hills Neighborhood Association, is busy. He spends...Walker, also with the neighborhood association, speaking of the community...of the government The neighborhood association just joined the West Augusta...

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Thanks for help in neighborhood cleanup

The Rollins Area Neighborhood Association recently sponsored a neighborhood spring clean-up. The Association membership extends...wonderful results. Again, thanks to all. Juanita L. Burney President, Rollins Area Neighborhood Association