NEA tax break gone

...engage in politicking, finally had enough of blatant NEA abuses. The Virginia-based American Policy Center...many grass-roots groups that cried foul over the NEA tax break, gloats that "the NEA will have to cough up approximately $1.6 million...

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NEA's `peep show'

...Well, so much for understandings. The NEA is still peddling the most repulsive contributions...In a withering letter recently sent to NEA Chairperson Jane Alexander, U.S. Rep...for federal subsidies. This is why the NEA should be abolished. If entertainment or...

NEA's wrong lessons

...culture than on the actual perpetrators. The NEA doesn't even hold the perpetrators responsible...be about teaching kids to analyze," the NEA's Jerald Newberry told Fox News. The...Japanese-Americans during World War II. Somehow the NEA manages to turn the most savage, cruel...

Teacher pay scales recording advances

...time this decade, according to a copy of NEA survey results obtained Monday by Morris News Service. Georgia NEA officials say the commitment of Gov. Zell...Kay Pippin, lobbyist for the state's NEA affiliate, the Georgia Association of Educators...

Bluegrass gaining still more listeners

...recently released by the National Endowment for the Arts. The NEA's study, as reported by the current International Bluegrass...in 1997. The survey, sponsored by the research division of NEA and conducted nationwide by the Westat Corp., polled 12,349...

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Boyfriend of hospitalized judo champion throws self from same balcony

NEA IONIA, Greece -- As relatives tell it, it was the stuff of Greek tragedy...said the couple spent a lot of time in their apartment in the working-class Nea Ionia suburb of Athens, listening to loud rock music. When they went out...

Fab Five of U.S. women's soccer back for one last hurrah

NEA IONIA, Greece -- Kristine Lilly's fingernails are red and blue - she couldn't...things lightly. As a train rumbled past the Apollon soccer stadium in suburban Nea Ionia, the players worked out under a searing sun. Outside, rifle-toting...

This is 'art'?

...world of art were deteriorating. Then came the 1980s, when the NEA began doling out money to sick artists like the one who dipped...along comes more junk. (Let's hope Congress has slashed the NEA budget so much that there's nothing left to give Rosen!)

Nice, but is it art?

...Endowment for the Arts doles out grants to underwrite highly questionable "art." It all began, in 1970, when feebleminded NEA judges shelled out $600 to some charleton for a "poem" consisting of one word: "Lighight." Then big taxpayer bucks started...

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GAE radicalism

...by downgrading the importance of America's European heritage. At the same time, the Georgia Association of Educators (the NEA affiliate) released its 1997 "legislative report card." It's more slanted than those Georgia Christian Coalition scorecards...