Office of the Inspector General still reviewing former Augusta Commissioner Donnie Smith's case

...without permission during Masters Week while also drawing his state salary. A second misconduct investigation of a different nature remains in the works but hasn't been released by the state.The Office of the Inspector General, which investigates waste...

FSU's Jameis Winston benched for first half of Clemson game

...always going to be made more public than statements that other individuals make," the coach said. "And that's just the nature of the business of who you are and what you are. That's the situation it is and you have to understand that."Winston's...

Kelvin Collins: College students at high risk for identity theft

Information sharing has become second-nature to many college students who have grown up in an era of social media, smartphones and widely available Internet access.Unfortunately...

Woes spiritual in nature

...social or militaristic. These maladies merely are symptoms of a much more deeply rooted cause that is entirely spiritual in nature. We as a nation have abandoned the laws of the God of our Founding Fathers, and the God of the Bible. Until we supplant our...

'Cabaret' still makes sense even in modern times, says its Emcee

...production of Cabaret, coming tonight to Bell Auditorium, said the play and his role succeed by virtue of their contrarian natures.Set in the dark but seemingly safe confines of a German cabaret in the 1930s during the last days of the Weimar Republic...

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Braxton Harrison Sr.

...before himself. He enjoyed laughing and the simple things in life like hunting, fishing, and was an avid reader. He loved nature and the beauty of the world around him. Mr. Harrison was a member of Swainsboro First Baptist Church. Mr. Harrison chose...

Bigotry needs to die off

...Thankfully the greatest gift to life is death. To totally eradicate this stupidity, it will take Father Time and the course of nature ? the death of immutable old fools.When we finally integrated area schools almost 20 years after the Brown v. Board of...

In growing spirituality movement, women assert their voice

...religion is and how a person should express her spirituality. It is time, they say, for women to reclaim their spiritual natures, to find comfort in their bodies and the world around them and to develop individual relationships with the Creator. How...

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'Tis the season now to be thankful

...our lives. The holiday season is a time when we are supposed to feel jubilant and joyful. However, something in our very natures rebels against this. Also, many of us who have had loved ones die feel especially sad during the holidays. I recommend two...

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Thomson officially loses half a game to Hart County

...non-region game counted as official and Hart County walked away with a 17-7 victory in just 24:54."You can't control Mother Nature, it's the same on both sides of the field," said Thomson coach Rob Ridings. "Unfortunately with the game making a half...