Drawing the line

...existing rights of way for the entire route, not just 80 percent of it? The company already operates at least one natural gas pipeline that parallels the proposed route that straddles the Savannah River. Following those existing rights of way would...

Greek 'day of reckoning' shakes stock markets

...gasoline fell 0.5 cent to close at $1.930 a gallon.- Heating oil fell 2.6 cents to close at $1.882 a gallon.- Natural gas rose 0.5 cent to close at $2.634 per 1,000 cubic feet.The dollar fell slightly to 118.86 yen while the euro...

Shell's $70 billion takeover could herald wave of mergers

...in the fast-growing liquefied natural gas market, Shell said.Other energy...a barrel on Wednesday. Global natural gas prices have also dropped, because most of the natural gas traded internationally is linked...

PSC delays consideration of Vogtle overruns

...than the certified cost.The company estimates that the impact on customer bills for the increased construction total will be 6-8 percent and that it would still be a better bargain than building generators that ran on coal or natural gas.

Change to boost economy

...Coast to be sold to China and Japan.With President Obama's opposition to help American businesses, our overflowing natural gas supplies should be allowed for export to Europe to improve our export trade and to cut into Russian President Vladimir...

Questions in the pipeline

...Georgia and South Carolina ? especially when less-intrusive options are available. Kinder Morgan already operates two natural gas pipelines ? both of which parallel the proposed route that straddles the Savannah River.Following those existing rights...

Northeast, despite highest gas costs, resists more pipelines

...cheap, abundant, relatively clean natural gas could be a short-term answer...Proposals to build or expand natural gas pipelines are met with an upswell...Regional Electricity Outlook that natural gas availability is "one of the most...

Fracking: US requires disclosure of chemicals for oil, gas drilling on public lands

...companies that drill for oil and natural gas on federal lands to disclose chemicals...has sparked an ongoing boom in natural gas production but raised widespread...to gain access to huge stores of natural gas underneath states from Wyoming...

SC reviews permit applications for offshore seismic surveys; conservation groups opposed

...seismic surveys want South Carolina to sign off on applications for federal permits that would allow surveying for oil and natural gas in the Atlantic off the state's coast as early as this summer.Conservation groups say the use of air guns that send...

Put coal and nuclear plants at forefront of America's energy diversity

Generally it's assumed that natural gas is solving many of our energy problems...in the past. BUT GROWING USE of natural gas poses serious reliability and economic...cannot be ignored.Because of natural gas delivery problems, utilities have...