US stocks slump as oil rout continues

...fell 2.7 cents to close at $1.597 a gallon.- Heating oil fell 4.5 cents to close at $2.016 a gallon.- Natural gas rose 16.1 cents to close at $3.795 per 1,000 cubic feet.

US stocks slide the most in two months

...fell 8.2 cents to close at $1.642 a gallon.? Heating oil fell 3.8 cents to close at $2.046 a gallon.? Natural gas rose 5.4 cents to close at $3.706 per 1,000 cubic feet.

Answers to last week's Delphi exercise offer possible peeks into our future

...labeled, using worldwide polling data, the century of what?There is no consensus on this question. My answer is natural gas, which should pass coal within 10 years and pass oil within 20 years.9. Since 1945, the 20th century has been identified...

Exxon sees abundant oil, gas far into future

...almost unspeakable" amount of natural gas found in recent years in the U...Exxon's two chief products, oil and natural gas, will be abundant and affordable...and greenhouse gas emissions. Natural gas, which burns cleaner than coal...

Electric cars gain a toehold in Atlanta

...Francis, the executive director of Clean Cities Georgia, which promotes alternative-fuel vehicles ? compressed natural gas, propane, electricity ? is both a promoter and a believer."The customer is beginning to see the financial benefits...

Dow, S&P 500 push further into record territory

...gasoline rose 2.9 cents to close at $2.057 a gallon, heating oil rose 2.5 cents to close at $2.405 a gallon and natural gas fell 22.3 cents to close at $4.266 per 1,000 cubic feet.In metals trading, gold rose $6.80 to $1,197...

Special fund started to provide military families heating assistance

Natural gas provider SCANA Energy is joining forces...military families in Georgia who depend on natural gas for warmth.United Military Care President...McKinney said SCANA offers the state's only natural gas military discount and donates $5 to...

Huge California solar plant, hailed as turning point in green energy, lags in early production

...day.State energy regulators in August approved the plant's request to increase the natural gas it is allowed to burn by 60 percent.Additional natural gas could also be needed to operate boilers when clouds thicken or to maintain output at the...

US stocks gain as the price of crude oil rebounds

...oil fell 0.4 cent to close at $2.439 a gallon. Natural gas rose for the seventh consecutive trading day on forecasts for colder weather. Natural gas futures rose 6.5 cents to close at $4.194 per 1...

As coal jobs vanish, miners search for new careers

...Career Center in Beckley, W.Va. The center provides former coal workers with training in fields such as trucking and natural gas ? an industry that has expanded rapidly as the federal government sought to curb carbon emission from coal-fired plants...