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Thomson fuel station now offers an alternative option

...the equivalent for compressed natural gas is $2.11, according to the Web site CNGnow. A gallon of compressed natural gas costs an average $2.23 in Georgia and $1.75 in South Carolina, the site said.There are more than 800 public CNG...
Electricity bills expected to increase this winter, natural gas to be stable

...warmer in the South this winter, but state regulators cautioned that unexpected spells of cold weather could drive up natural gas costs.For example, the PSC's monthly price-comparison chart for natural gas providers shows that variable-rate plans...
Natural gas costs heat up

Increased gasoline prices have punched Lisa Bradford, of Martinez, in the pocketbook.
Natural gas costs increase

Lower prices through increased competition was one selling point that state officials used for natural gas deregulation.
Tax break barely makes dent in natural-gas bills

...winter in order to shave dollars off his heating bill. The 31-year-old athletic trainer heard months ago that natural-gas costs would be increasing, so he thought he was prepared. During recent renovations to his two-story house in Atlanta...
Georgia Power seeks fuel charge reduction

...was approved a year ago. New supplies of natural gas in shale rock, along with reduced industrial demand, drove natural gas costs lower than the company predicted when it set the charge.Public Service Commission public hearings on Georgia Power's...
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Power bills may increase

...extra money also would cover the shortfall the company has been accumulating since last year's historic spikes in natural gas costs. The request would increase average residential bills by 8.1 percent, or $7.22 a month. Under state law...
Is my winter heating bill going to destroy my finances?

...110 million U.S. households use heating oil to fire the furnace, with natural gas used in most of the rest. Natural gas costs have averaged about $6 per 1,000 cubic feet this year. (A cubic foot is 1,027 British thermal units; one...
Heat pumps can help reduce heating bills

...for the coming winter heating season. NorthWestern Energy officials said a 20 percent to 40 percent increase in natural gas costs could occur in the Grand Island area this winter. National reports predict increases of 50 percent. Schultes said...
Rising energy prices prompt industries to conserve the beginning of the year), the brick maker must find ways to cut energy costs to remain competitive. "Our natural gas costs have more than doubled in the past five years," said Jim Beatty, Boral Bricks' regional production manager...