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National shortages lead to propane gas price hike

...bills or requests for payment arrangements, and that prices are "still relatively low" compared to 2006, when natural gas cost homeowners $1.80 per therm."Still no changes in the marketplace," Lewis said of Georgia Natural Gas prices...
Business news, Motorola Solutions.The breakup is motivated by the desire to present two simple stories to investors.Lost natural gas costs government millionsBILLINGS, MONT. --- The government is losing tens of millions of dollars in potential royalties...
Georgia Power seeks fuel charge reduction

...was approved a year ago. New supplies of natural gas in shale rock, along with reduced industrial demand, drove natural gas costs lower than the company predicted when it set the charge.Public Service Commission public hearings on Georgia Power's...
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Business groups lay out agenda

...attention after Hurricane Katrina shut down natural gas distribution along the Gulf Coast, causing electric and natural gas costs to soar in Georgia. Lawmakers scuttled the business exemption in favor of measures to help consumers with their...
Power bills may increase

...extra money also would cover the shortfall the company has been accumulating since last year's historic spikes in natural gas costs. The request would increase average residential bills by 8.1 percent, or $7.22 a month. Under state law...
Tax break barely makes dent in natural-gas bills

...winter in order to shave dollars off his heating bill. The 31-year-old athletic trainer heard months ago that natural-gas costs would be increasing, so he thought he was prepared. During recent renovations to his two-story house in Atlanta...
Grants to help seniors pay bill Instead, the money will go toward keeping some seniors' heat flowing in light of unprecedented increases in natural gas costs. "If we know that we've got individuals disconnected, the first step is to get them reconnected to the system...
Natural gas costs heat up

Increased gasoline prices have punched Lisa Bradford, of Martinez, in the pocketbook.
Is my winter heating bill going to destroy my finances?

...110 million U.S. households use heating oil to fire the furnace, with natural gas used in most of the rest. Natural gas costs have averaged about $6 per 1,000 cubic feet this year. (A cubic foot is 1,027 British thermal units; one...
Natural gas costs increase

Lower prices through increased competition was one selling point that state officials used for natural gas deregulation.