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Tax break barely makes dent in natural-gas bills

...come up with a host of ideas for attempting to reduce natural gas bills in the state. Whether any pass remains uncertain...tinkering to the state's collection of taxes on natural gas bills. Meanwhile, people such as Mr. Farr are making...
Gas bills will top agenda

ATLANTA - A new round of natural gas bills and a handful of proposals by Gov. Roy Barnes are expected to come up for votes in the Georgia General Assembly this week. With...
Natural gas bills likely to go down

WASHINGTON - Families using natural gas can expect their heating bills to drop about $119 this winter. Those who heat with oil or electricity are likely to see their bills rise.
Natural gas bills will be changing

Georgia Public Service Commissioners on Friday replaced their earlier decision about Atlanta Gas Light's charges for natural gas customers throughout the state.
Lawmakers keep up fast pace in General Assembly

...soon see a slight drop in their natural gas bills, and federal officials will...families experiencing soaring natural gas bills, most legislators supported...sales tax collection in half for natural gas bills and liquid propane purchases...
Rants and raves

...UNDERSTAND how the people who were concerned about their Georgia Power bills feel. That is bad, but what about Georgia Natural Gas bills? In one month's time, my bill jumped up $300. After numerous calls, they said they would divide the $300...
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Fix gas deregulation

...complaints over deregulation of the natural gas industry. Last winter prices soared out of sight. Some of the ballooning natural gas bills were due to an unusually cold winter, but much could also be laid at the feet of a poorly executed deregulation...
Milder weather clouds need

...they already have waiting lists for applicants with more months of winter left to go. A year ago, electric and natural gas bills soared after hurricanes Katrina and Rita disrupted the fuel markets. Lawmakers, overrun with complaints from consumers...
Gas tax relief is written into law

...Perdue said before adding his signature to legislation that will suspend half of the state's 4 percent sales tax on natural gas bills until the end of April and on sales of liquid propane through March 31. Rising natural gas prices, which soared...
Senate OKs tax trim on natural gas

...suspend half of the state's 4 percent sales tax on natural gas bills from the beginning of this month until the end of...on sales of liquid propane through March 31. For natural gas bills, the sales tax suspension will only apply to the...