Emergency management officials ask Georgia residents to stock winter weather supplies

...supplies.This week is Winter Weather Prepared ness Week, designed to encourage Georgians to prepare and plan for a natural disaster.Pam Tucker, Columbia County director of Emergency Management, said forecasters expect this year to be colder...

Georgia counties qualify for disaster aid

...in Georgia and South Carolina on a list of primary natural disaster areas, according to a letter from U.S. Department...Therefore I am designating 36 counties as primary natural disaster areas due to losses caused by excessive rain that...

Don't let disaster put you out of business

Reacting to a natural disaster or emergency means not only ensuring the immediate safety of employees...on keeping your company in business following an emergency or natural disaster, log on to: www.bbb.org. KELVIN COLLINS IS THE PRESIDENT...

Your Business
2008 tax returns contain relief for some

...you're a first-time home buyer, victim of a natural disaster, or if you installed a small wind turbine in your...If you were the victim of a federally declared natural disaster in 2008, you can also increase your standard deduction...

Governor pushes for bond plan

...called the state's schools a "natural disaster." The Democrat-controlled...borrow money to recover from a natural disaster, responded, "The state of our schools is a natural disaster." "If you want to take a...

Soggy soil increases risk of flooding from tropical storms

...triggered Georgia's deadliest and most destructive natural disaster in 1994. The National Hurricane Center has predicted...within 24 hours and triggering Georgia's worst natural disaster. Flooding, mostly along the Flint River and its...

TV Lookout: highlights for the week ahead

...engineering and leadership that brought about the worst natural disaster in U.S. history. First "NOVA" presents a minute-by-minute...protect thousands of Americans from a widely predicted natural disaster, and examines the overall status of America's...

Storm response could have been better, say some Augusta officials

...realized that we need to be more accessible and able to assist customers in a more timely fashion in the event of a natural disaster or a similar emergency," Walker said.Since her office is located in the city's Municipal Building, Walker's...

The love of God has postponed Judgment Day

...but unless you repent, you will all likewise perish." (Luke 13:4-5)What good is it to have survived a natural disaster, only to ultimately lose one's life for all eternity? The love of God for all people is what has postponed Judgment...

After winter storm come thefts of powerline wires, insurance fraud

...Outside scam artists aren't the only ones tempted to take advantage of the storm, Hudgens said. As with any natural disaster, he expects the number of investigations into insurance fraud to increase.Local law enforcement agencies are on...