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Appreciation for wine should start early, some say

Malia Llerena happily sips chardonnay, zinfandel, champagne and merlot. She knows that red wine goes in the larger glasses and champagne gets the long, skinny flutes. Of course, she can identify a corkscrew. After all, she's already 5 years old.
Alcoholics convention offers support

...Anonymous meeting in 1981. He still shares his story regularly at local meetings. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, about one in every 12 adults abuses alcohol or can be defined as alcohol dependent. Problems with...
Across South Carolina

...alcohol abuse. Clemson is one of 15 universities nationwide awarded a three-year grant from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism to develop local alcohol prevention efforts at their campuses that can be copied elsewhere. Arsonist...
'Super pill' might also fight drug abuse

NEW YORK - A pill that helps you lose weight and quit smoking? That was amazing enough to capture headlines last week. But scientists say the experimental drug might be even more versatile, providing a new tool to help people stop abusing drugs and alcohol, too.
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Marijuana abuse is up among U.S. adults

CHICAGO -- Habitual marijuana use increased among U.S. adults over the past decade, particularly among young minorities and baby boomers, government figures show.
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Marijuana-like substances in brain trigger appetite

...increase of appetite," said Dr. George Kunos, who led the study as scientific director of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism at the National Institutes of Health. "It was assumed that was probably correct. This just provides...
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Drug shows promise for keeping alcoholics on the wagon

CHICAGO (AP) - A drug widely used outside the United States to help keep alcoholics from drinking shows promise in its first American test, researchers report.
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Age old question: Breaking bad habits can have serious health benefits

Q: Can old habits affect my health now? -- H.C., Aiken\r
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Europeans rethink alcohol at work

LONDON -- A drink at lunch is no problem for the workers who make Johnnie Walker whiskey, Smirnoff vodka, Gordon's and Gilbey's gin and Malibu rum. A bar is opened at the office of Diageo PLC at midday and again at day's end, dispensing the company's brands: "Clearly, we expect our colleagues and our people to treat drinks at lunchtime responsibly, in the knowledge that they have work to do in the afternoon," says Murray Loake, Diageo's head of media relations.
If celebrating involves drinking, be ready for mourning after

...cue for a person to control their drinking," says Walter Hunt, a senior science adviser at the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. "One wouldn't want to encourage finding a cure. It might encourage people to consume more alcohol...
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