Staff cuts take a toll on IRS tax enforcement efforts, agency watchdog says

...request.Republicans did manage to carve out small increases for research toward path-breaking cures at the National Institutes of Health, special education grants to states, community health centers. The committee also proposed a modest increase...

Help battle Alzheimer's

...for Alzheimer's Act.This $300 million is not a luxury, pork-barrel spending spree. According to the National Institute of Health's own data, every dollar we spend on research will result in a $758 reduction in Medicare/Medicaid spending...

Prescription drug summit in Atlanta

...through Thursday at the Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel in downtown Atlanta will include CDC Director Tom Freiden, National Institutes of Health Director Dr. Francis Collins and many others. The summit's agenda includes a panel discussion on the federal...

FDA approves genetically engineered potatoes, apples

BOISE, Idaho - Potatoes that won't bruise and apples that won't brown are a step closer to grocery store aisles, but some food suppliers say they don't want any part of it and others are staying silent.

Science, industry economics, patients are boosting research on rare disease drugs - and hope

...compounds per hour in search of the most potent ones."It's a very, very promising time," said Jimmy Lin, a National Institutes of Health cancer researcher who co-founded the Rare Genomics Institute.By definition, a rare disease is one that...

Nurse who had Ebola being released from Emory hospital

...Another nurse <0x2014> Nina Pham also was infected by Duncan, and was released Oct. 24 from the National Institutes of Health.Vinson didn't take any questions at the Emory news conference. Instead, she read a statement thanking...

A restored NIH budget is good for our health

Flat for a decade" describes the budget of the National Institutes of Health, the nation's gold standard for biomedical research funding and the world's leading supporter of biomedical research. Most...

The infection has spread

...credibility when partisans politicize Ebola by insinuating Republican budget cuts have weakened the CDC and National Institutes of Health.The reality is that public-health spending mushroomed under Republican President George W. Bush, and...

Study shows Augustans lagging in sleep

...about the study's results. According to Jawbone findings, no major city in the U.S. averages above the National Institute of Health-recommended seven hours of sleep per night; however, Nolan said that trend is only part of the picture...

More than 14 million beat cancer odds with more new treatments available

...year by 2035 as the population ages.And future advances are being threatened by a lack of funding for the National Institutes of Health and specifically the National Cancer Institute, Arteaga said.Since 2010, NIH funding has lost $3.5 billion...