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Supreme Court rules against Internet startup Aereo in copyright fight with broadcasters

...Aereo should pay for redistributing the programming in the same way cable and satellite systems must.The National Association of Broadcasters praised the court for rejecting Aereo's argument that the lawsuit was an attack on innovation. "Broadcasters...
Aereo presses case despite Supreme Court setback

...cherry pick one fee you want to pay and not pay the other," said Dennis Wharton, a spokesman with the National Association of Broadcasters.With the exception of non-commercial, educational stations, broadcasters can simply demand fees that...
Free TV for candidates?

WASHINGTON - One road that could lead American government out of the swamp of campaign-finance corruption may begin with a single step this week at the Federal Communications Commission. The name of the road is "Free TV" for federal candidates. Many believe it could curtail the feverish chase for money that candidates today cannot avoid, a demeaning process that appears to be poisoning both the nation's politics and the people's faith in government.
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Ratings for violent TV programs can attract young viewers

...Researchers called for more detailed information about programs' violent, sexual and language content. The National Association of Broadcasters defended the usefulness of existing ratings. "This study again confirms that parents must take a greater...
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Businesswoman has change in mind for five radio stations

...recently sponsored Ms. Eldridge to attend an intensive, one-year broadcast ownership program by the National Association of Broadcasters, designed for women and minorities. She learned of Radio One's interest in selling the Augusta stations...
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Days of TVs without digital transmission will end soon

...Despite the uncertainty, the affected industries are bullish on the program. A coalition consisting of the National Association of Broadcasters, the Consumer Electronics Association and the Association for Maximum Service Television (a local television...
Tuning into changes

...that all programming be converted from analog to digital by 2009. Dennis Wharton, the spokesman for the National Association of Broadcasters, said the majority of broadcasters have made the switch to digital. That change might push faster HD...
Rather wishes Katie Couric well as his successor

...Brokaw and the late Peter Jennings, who anchored ABC's nightly news, were honored Monday at the annual National Association of Broadcasters show. Rather said the role of a news anchor is overestimated and is not as hard as the job of the journalist...
Justices reject appeals on media ownership

...high court to preserve the FCC's new ownership rules. Appeals also were filed by Tribune Co., the National Association of Broadcasters and Media General. Justice Stephen G. Breyer, who owns shares in Gannett Co., did not participate...
Court blocks U.S. rules for anti-piracy TV technology

...television shows and films and distributing them free online. The Motion Picture Association of America and the National Association of Broadcasters warned that companies may choose not to air their best programs over local television if the shows couldn't...
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