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Stretching the boundaries of Moore's Law

...than today's quickest. Without it, "we're going to be in deep trouble in the semiconductor business," says Nathan Brookwood, founder of the consultant firm Insight 64. A handful of semiconductor companies - including Intel, Advanced Micro...
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Pentium III chip offers advanced computer features

...depend on the Pentium III. After trying the array of computer products out for about an hour, industry analyst Nathan Brookwood said he was neither overwhelmed nor underwhelmed. "I'm whelmed," he said. "With this chip, everything is...
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Apple will switch Macs to Intel chips

...latest move. In the past, major transitions have led to defections by customers and software developers, said Nathan Brookwood, an analyst at the research firm Insight 64. In the mid-1980s, the Mac captured as much as 10 percent of the...
Chip makers pinched as buyers move toward cheaper CPUs

...dial-up modem, decided in many cases that the lower speed machines are more than adequate for their needs," said Nathan Brookwood, an analyst at the research firm Insight 64. Despite chip makers' spending on TV, radio and print ads that feature...
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Hewlett-Packard announces restructuring

...They have demonstrated tremendous ability over the years to adapt to changing markets and technologies," said Nathan Brookwood at Insight 64, in Saratoga, Calif. "I think this is one more good move in a long tradition of sound business...
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Team seeks silicon alternatives, they never can get a toehold because the economics of silicon keep rolling like a steamroller," said Nathan Brookwood, an analyst with Dataquest, a high-tech market research organization. "Until silicon really does run out of...
Intel facing other challenges

...AMD's slice of that market was $682 million. At the same time, Intel's business is getting more complex, said Nathan Brookwood, a Dataquest analyst. A few year ago, he said, Intel had essentially one principal product line, its "X86...
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