Minnie Minoso paved way for many players in Major League Baseball

...Minoso said in an informational package produced by the team for a 2011 Cooperstown push. "I want to be there. This is my life's dream."Minoso, who made his major league debut with Cleveland in 1949, hit .298 for his career with 186 homers...

Archery competition in Augusta aids nonprofit

...worth more than $4,500, he scored 286 in his first attempt Saturday. A perfect score is 300."Archery is pretty much my life," he said. "Anytime you're making a run for the Olympics, you've got to be dedicated to nothing but that."

Georgia Regents students discuss why they wear a hijab, or why they don't

...when somebody practices religion," she said. "Some people interpret that as, 'Well, my whole life. I'm devoting my life to God.' " It's mandated that women are modest. Modesty is, of course, self-determined."Ozturk said her mother...

Rants & Raves

...does my heart good to see someone happy in view of all the bad news they have to report. It brings a little sunshine into my life and gives me something to smile about .Being able to laugh is a joy in our lives. MUSLIM TERRORISTS slaughter, and Obama...

Weather delays Georgia woman execution until Monday

...and the family."There are no excuses for what I did. I am fully responsible for my role in my husband's murder," she said. "I had become so self-centered and bitter about my life and who I had become, that I lost all judgment."

Sprint Cup drivers enjoy first taste of new rules at Atlanta

...picture is kind of hidden behind the coffee machine and the doughnuts," he quipped, "but that was a turning point in my life."Echoing Larson's comments, Edwards said this feels like another season opener. Restrictor-plate racing is basically...

Balancing Spending and Time: How "Time Frugality" Can Save You Lots of Cash

...time for my main interests out of my life, I start to long for them. As you...realization. There are a few core things in my life that I really value that bring me joy...and exercising among them.What is my life if I don't have those core things...

Watson's second Masters win changed him for the better

...way, it's a waste," Watson said. "If at the end of my life people define me as a golfer, then obviously I wasn't...even better. ... Everything's in the right place in my life. I'm thinking better. I'm focused on the right things...

Daughter pushes for mother's clemency on eve of execution for murder

...for plotting to have her father killed ? even though she says her dad's death was "the most painful experience of my life."Kelly Renee Gissendaner, 46, is scheduled to die Wednesday at the state prison in Jackson. She was convicted of...

SC Honor Flight seeks World War II vets for May flight to DC monuments

...something he cherished."Have you ever had an elderly veteran look you in the eye and say, 'This has been the best day in my life.' It grabs your heart," Siegfried said. "It is wonderful."