ARC honors Hall of Fame grads

...I got to Georgia Tech, I found my first two years were like a review class. Richmond Academy prepared me for most of my life, and it prepared me well.''The teachers were extraordinary, as good as any I had at Georgia Tech, and I want to...

Auburn survives South Carolina's upset bid

...If we catch that Hail Mary, and make a two-point conversion, that might be the greatest win I've ever had in my life," Spurrier said. "But it didn't happen. So now, it's just almost an improbable win."Oh yeah, I was definitely...

Aiken's 'more laid back' fall steeplechase event heavy on fun

...of a real horse race.Nicho Meredith grew up around horses in Leicestershire, England, and loves them."Horses are my life. Basically, I know a lot about horses and it's good to talk about them, even if they're stick horses," he said...

Put down the smartphone and make a real connection

...another, to treat each other as we would be treated. I am increasingly finding this difficult with the advance of tech in my life. It is as if there are so many conversations, I cannot have many deep ones. So many friends, I do not have many real...

LA Ramsby helps bolster Eagles' potent ground attack

...total offense in the second half."I feel like I'm doing all right. I'm still learning," Ramsby said. "I think Breida and I are pushing each other. I haven't had that a lot throughout my life, and it's working out good for me."

James peppers comic act with humor culled from life

...for scenes in the sequel to 2009's Paul Blart: Mall Cop in Las Vegas."That was probably the most fun I've had in my life," James said.He also was in Toronto recently to film scenes for Pixels, an upcoming film with Adam Sandler.If you're...

Ramblin' Rhodes: Ann Landers show reminder of her trip to Augusta

...column, saying, "Five years ago when there was trouble in my life, more than 30,000 of you took pen in hand to let me...Post of Life); Moe Bandy's Hank Williams, You Wrote My Life; T. Graham Brown's Come As You Were; and The Whites...

Adaptive golf competition highlights spirit of disabled

...stories of the foundation's 10th annual Adaptive Golf Challenge."I decided it was time to get back on course with my life," Trier said before teeing off for the 18-hole tournament at Forest Hills Golf Club in Augusta. "You give me a goal...

If I Can Suggest One Financial Move to Anyone, It's This

...finance meltdown in 2006, it was that I saved for retirement from the day I started working. Almost every mentor I had in my life encouraged me to sign up for this the second I started work and, for once, I actually listened to their money wisdom...

Faces of Survival: Beth Sipper

...ever, ever go through what I went through. It was terrifying."Sipper said her life is better than it has ever been. She got married Sept. 20 and will complete her doctorate in December."This is the best time of my life,"she said.