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Diabetes study critical for young blacks published this week in the New England Journal of Medicine which indicates that diet and exercise can prevent most diabetes cases. "What this shows is that individuals, especially those of races highly susceptible to diabetes, can take...
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Health is not cheap in overall care cost

...healthy people. Cancer incidence, except for lung cancer, was the same in all three groups. Obese people had the most diabetes, and healthy people had the most strokes. Ultimately, the thin and healthy group cost the most, about $417,000...
Research shows Americans sicker than British

...rate of Americans tested positive for diabetes and heart disease than the British. Americans also self-reported more diabetes, heart attacks, strokes, lung disease and cancer. The gap between the countries holds true for educated and uneducated...
Life & style
Losing weight has never been sweeter

...without having chocolate melt in our hands or in our mouths. At first, there would be some fat inductees, and perhaps more diabetes and strokes. As we progressed, though, we would become healthier as we gave up all things sugary, greasy and fried...
Glynn Moore
Many factors lead some to not get help

...face disparities -- Vietnamese women have five times as much cervical cancer, and American Indians have twice as much diabetes than whites. But among African-Americans, the gap cuts across nearly every major disease. "We have been -- and...