Greenbrier graduate tapes MTV reality show in Hawaii

When the third television season of the MTV reality show Are You the One? debuts tonight at 11, Evans native Britni Thornton will be just as excited as other viewers to...

To counter dying roots of American order, we must return to our past

...we, as Americans, have forgotten who we are and no longer contemplate our societal or interior existence.The most recent MTV Video Music Awards demonstrate that we have not just lost a sense of modesty, but of shame, innocence, reverence, respect...

Ramblin' Rhodes: Doc Severinsen is bringing 'Big Band' for Evans show

...Days (Of Hanukkah), Ain't No Chimneys in the Projects, Big Bulbs and Funky Little Drummer Boy.Jones was watching the MTV Music Awards show last Sunday when she got a big surprise. That's her voice singing Everybody Dance Now in Target's new...

MTV Networks spread influence worldwide

...Dreams of world domination must be hard for MTV executives to avoid when they host a party...soldiers performing a hip-hop dance routine. MTV Networks will reach a milestone in February when the turn of a switch starts an MTV outlet in Africa, the company's 100th...

MTV turns 20

...PASADENA, Calif. - Billy Idol still wants his MTV. Hey, I'm not going to tell him he can't...black. And he seems pretty relaxed about MTV's 20th anniversary. That makes him a...12-hour marathon of videos from throughout MTV's history. The video fest will begin...

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Memorable moments on MTV's 25th anniversary

...No one knows how to throw a party like MTV. So there must be quite a bash planned...celebrating 25 years on the air. Right? Sorry. MTV is staying in that night. There are no...it's wise not to mention you're 25. MTV wants to be the perpetual adolescent. On...

Cable system drops MTV

...sandwich and flop on the couch to watch hours of MTV. Now that Northland Cable has dropped MTV, the Washington County High School senior watches...Country Music Channel. She's not happy. "I like MTV better," she said. And she's not alone...

Group: MTV delivers a diet of "incessant sleaze"

...malfunction, a study released Tuesday criticized MTV for the "incessant sleaze" of steamy programming...and 2,881 verbal references to sex. "MTV has clearly chosen to cater to the lowest...PTC president and conservative activist. MTV labeled the report unfair and said the group...

MTV's grand gesture

On Wednesday night, MTV will do something it's never done before...gay college student Matthew Shepard and an MTV News special examining hate crimes- is the kickoff of a year-long effort to educate MTV's audience about discrimination. The...

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MTV back in business with '[filtered word]'

With a new multi-tiered deal with MTV, "Jackass" star Johnny Knoxville on Wednesday...Having abruptly quit "Jackass" on MTV in August, Knoxville and the music channel...It was very, very important for us at MTV to stay in business with someone ... we...

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