Giving a present of music can be a personal gift made easy by technology

...curating the songs," she said. "I hope that they listen to them in the order I put them in."Browne shares the list as MP3 files on her blog, fuelfriends.blogspot.com, but also burns about two dozen CDs. A friend helps her create cover art for...

MP3 files become a decoder ring for music fans

...usually at home, and you're not. But if MP3.com has its way, you'll be able to...one that you can put into practice today. MP3.com's new service gives you the opportunity...you're at home, at work or on the road. MP3.com also has made instant-availability...

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MP3 players reviewed

...recorded sound industry as the development of MP3 technology. For those of you that haven't joined the movement to pure digital audio, MP3 is loosely defined as a digital audio compression...In other words you could fit about 150 MP3 files on a CD that would normally hold 15...

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MP3 player is your personality in a box

...crisis, I'd tossed the Archos Jukebox 6000 MP3 player/recorder into my backpack. I'd...to a digital file and encoding it as an MP3. You simply plug into an auxiliary RCA...which makes it larger than most other MP3 players. But most players hold 64 or 128...

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RealJukebox capitalizes on MP3 trend

...and download the huge number of tunes in MP3 and other formats now available over the...at the Seattle-based company said. The MP3 format allows near-CD quality recordings...album via RealNetworks' Internet site for MP3 music, RealGuide for RealJukebox. Others...

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Westobou Festival celebrates fine, performing arts

...He'll follow his talk with a free staging of his MP3 Experiment.When: 4 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 4; MP3 Experiment 6 p.m.Where: Old Medical College of Georgia, 598 Telfair St.; MP3 Experiment at the Old Academy of Richmond County...

Westobou Festival opens today

...online," he said.For the first time in Augusta, the group will perform its popular MP3 experiment. To participate, patrons are asked to download an MP3 file from the group's Web site beforehand. The file contains a mixture of instructions...

Some music collectors reluctant to embrace MP3

...Still, Ms. Easton bought an Apple iPod MP3 player, which she and her husband use at...But several converging factors point to MP3 becoming a widespread - and perhaps persistent...even skeptics like Ms. Easton. Third, MP3 files are more portable than any of the...

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Music fans assert their freedom

I want my, I want my, I want my MP3. A generation has spoken. The refrain...Using a file-compression technique called MP3, the computer generation has hijacked popular...themselves. Rather than reaching out to the MP3 generation and distributing music online...

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New technology strikes fear in music industry

...computer, where a new technology called MP3 could reshape the way we buy and hear music...Internet -- often for free. Musicians can use MP3 to market their songs directly to consumers...about an hour's worth of CD-quality MP3 music on a computer chip. It sells for...