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People who knew Brown have stories, theories

...Aug. 1.Daryl Brown, who co-wrote the book with Mi chael Chabries, said his publisher chose for the book and movie release dates to coincide. He thought it was a good idea to promote the book.Brown said he can tell his father's true story...
Music by Turner: Band is humbled by stage presence of Sharon Jones the James Brown movie the night before and I had said yes.I further replied that "in honor of Mr. Brown's movie release, why don't you join us on stage for It's a Man's Man's World, a song that I was aware she occasionally performs...
Comics readers long for respect the '80s and '90s, says Caleb Williams, founder and editor of But "I don't see kids reading comics now," he says, partly because no one issues kid-friendly comic books tied to a movie release.
'Bug's Life' computer games play on movie release

NEW YORK -- A bug in a computer is usually a bad thing. Three exceptions to that rule are a trio of software titles coming out in conjunction with the recent release of Disney's new computer animated film, A Bug's Life. All center on the movie's hero, Flik, a plucky ant who leads the colony's uphill battle against invading grasshoppers.
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Mixing it up at the movies

With the exception of the hot, hot heat of summer, the most popular (and profitable) movie release season is when baby, it's cold outside. For a few short weeks, Oscar fodder will fight with big budget escapism and adult...
Scarlett's sister remembers the making of a legend

...debut. When its box-office take is adjusted for inflation, the film ranks as the highest-grossing North American movie release. And many critics and fans consider "Gone with the Wind" not only a Hollywood classic, but THE Hollywood classic...
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Evans actor happy to be sharing movie screen with Foxx, Murphy

...which are sing and act, and do them at the same time," said Mr. Robinson, who was in Augusta Saturday for his movie release party at D. Timm's. "To say the least, I was extremely excited and eager to show the world what I'm able to...
Post Happenings

...ID THE COURTYARD: 7-11 p.m. Fridays, karaoke; 6 p.m. until Tuesdays, New Release Tuesday - watch a new movie release on big-screen TV; 791-6000 SPECIAL EVENTS FALL FLEA MARKET: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 1; Barton...
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Movie tie-ins expected to be big holiday sellers

...weekend in early November, store managers said. "We're expecting to sell a lot of Monsters, Inc. because of the movie release," said Joe Cronen, a floor manager at Target in the Augusta Exchange shopping center. "We do have a lot of that...
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Potter fans line up for film finale

...and the Deathly Hallows .That will put an end to an era for the Croft family of Evans, who have attended book and movie release parties for years.Bill Croft sported a homemade blue cape imprinted with stars and a floppy cap as homage to Hogwarts...