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In an ISIS training camp, children told: Behead the doll

...their children out of schools to avoid IS brainwashing.In Eski Mosul, a town in northern Iraq recently liberated from IS, residents...writers Salar Salim in Irbil, Iraq, and Vivian Salama in Eski Mosul, Iraq, contributed to this report.
Stay vigilant against ISIS

...every person who is not radically Muslim or who disagrees with their psycho teachings. ISIS executed 13 young Muslim men in Mosul just for watching a soccer game on TV; burned a Jordanian pilot alive; burned 45 more Iraqis; and are steadily killing Christians...
U.S. expands control

...American troops took the northern city of Mosul without a fight and awaited surrender from...longer in power," Mr. Bush added. // Mosul, Iraq's third-largest city, fell...he said. Looting swiftly erupted in Mosul - hospital ambulances were taken at gunpoint...
XXX Iraq
Swap aid with diplomacy

...area back to the level of peace it had before.The old borders are not sacrosanct. Baghdad need not have rule over Anbar or Mosul, for example. In using arms in helping the Iraqi army, which is essentially Shia, we are siding with the Shia over the Sunni...
Iraqi council endorses new timetable for handover of power

MOSUL, Iraq -- Two Black Hawk helicopters the Borsa residential neighborhood of Mosul, Iraq's third-largest city. A statement...Gunmen killed a translator working for Mosul's municipal administration together with...
Attack kills Thomson soldier

THOMSON - The brutal Sunday attack on two soldiers in Mosul, Iraq, claimed the life of a soldier from McDuffie County...Glendale, Calif., were killed when their vehicle was attacked in Mosul. Iraqis shot both soldiers while they were driving through...
Army 'closers' train at Fort Stewart

...the U.S. Army in war-weary northern Iraq: insurgents in Mosul, political turf battles in Kirkuk, an attack on the Beiji...brought a stream of crisis scenarios that had to be solved. From Mosul came a report of early morning improvised explosive devices...
Soldier from Thomson killed in Iraq

THOMSON, Ga. - The brutal attack on two soldiers in downtown Mosul, Iraq, Sunday claimed the life of a soldier from McDuffie County. Master Sgt. Jerry Wilson, 45, a soldier with the HQ HQ...

Loved ones of Command Sgt. Maj. Jerry Wilson of McDuffie County had enough to face, knowing he was killed Sunday in Mosul, Iraq. They didn't need the further indignity of being told that he, and another soldier, had been beaten with concrete...
Christians under siege

...turn into sectarian violence was dashed Aug. 1 with the coordinated bomb attacks on five Christian churches in Baghdad and Mosul, killing at least 10 Iraqis and injuring scores more. The attacks, which came as Christians were gathering in the churches...