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As Mormon church goes global, a test to attract and keep new converts

...classroom conversations at the Mormon church's flagship Missionary Training...all evangelizing faiths, the Mormon church appears to have a particularly...critical to the future of the Mormon church. An American-born denomination...
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Mormon church plans to put family history archive on Net

SALT LAKE CITY -- The Mormon church says it will put at least the spring or summer. The Mormon church has been involved in genealogy...dead the opportunity to join the Mormon church in the afterlife.
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Blacks finding home in Mormonism

...Jomo Oludipe is a Nigerian immigrant who joined the Mormon church in 1991 and now heads a mainly black congregation in...president to visit the Mormon faithful in West Africa. The Mormon church, with 10 million members, is not alone in trying to...
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Religion briefs: Actors to act like Mormons

SALT LAKE CITY -- The Screen Actors Guild has agreed to allow the audiovisual arm of the Mormon church to give hiring priority to Mormon actors and those outside the church who pledge to behave like Mormons. The two-year deal with...
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Book examines Mormon extremists

...headaches for the image-conscious Mormon church. Under the Banner of Heaven...the original teachings of the Mormon church, a tenet of which was polygamy...promulgating old stereotypes." The Mormon church has nothing to do with fundamentalists...
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Mormons put genealogy data online

...out. The site, put up by the Mormon church, contains links to 400 million...For more than a century, the Mormon church has dispatched members throughout...could make a fortune, but the Mormon church will not accept advertising...
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Ex-mayor gives chair to church

...formally presented an heirloom rocking chair to the Mormon church Friday at a home where one of Young's many wives likely...history to us, but it's greater history is to the Mormon church and the people of Salt Lake City," Skip Young said...
On the Russian front

...volunteered to serve as a senior sister anywhere the Mormon Church needed her, and the church took her at her word. So...dominant. The mission is a relatively tiny outpost of the Mormon Church. The closest temple is likely one in Sweden. Mrs...
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Medals plaza jams with mosh pits, bodysurfing, all-star bands

...ticket at these Winter Olympics is smack-dab in the middle of downtown Salt Lake City. In a parking lot owned by the Mormon Church, in the land of Osmonds and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, 20,000 people a night are jamming to the likes of Smash...
Georgia smoking rate drops

...Connecticut, have enacted policies that make it very difficult to smoke in public spaces, and "these policies appear to pay off.''Utah also has a predominantly Mormon population, and the Mormon Church is strongly opposed to tobacco use.