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Layoff notices coming for MOX workers

Employees for Savannah River Site's beleaguered mixed oxide facility could begin receiving layoff notices this week because of federal budget cuts and a possible change in direction for the government's...
Workforce reductions loom at MOX construction site

The number of workers at the construction site of the mixed oxide facility - which has averaged about 2,800 in recent weeks - will drop to about 2,700 soon.
Nuclear projects gain regional support

...recycle it thereafter until this year. Moreover, SRS already stores plutonium that's to be converted in the mixed-oxide facility. A consolidated plutonium center at SRS, coupled with two new nuclear reactors at Plant Vogtle, would turn...
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Pump from SRS still needed in Japan

...Daiich for cooling system trouble," Nagai said. Ashmore's new pump remains in use daily at the $4.86 billion mixed oxide facility under construction at SRS, which is designed to dispose of surplus plutonium from dismantled nuclear warheads...
Scientists sure to get very warm reception

...River Site in recent years, organizers said. Seversk, a city of 115,000, is the site of Russia's proposed mixed-oxide facility. Ten days ago, however, the Energy Department announced in a news release that Russia will instead build a...
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MOX money remains in limbo

...supposed to get rid of radioactive plutonium has in recent weeks changed more often than the weather. One day the mixed-oxide facility, or MOX, which is supposed to turn at least 34 metric tons of plutonium into fuel for commercial power plants...
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...Cogema Stone & Webster, a consortium contracted by the Department of Energy to design, construct and operate the mixed oxide facility at the Savannah River Site. The scholarships are earmarked for full-time students pursuing associate degrees...
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Change in bill allows SRS lab more funding

...other SRS supporters were able to reclaim a portion of the federal money earmarked for the facility. A proposed mixed-oxide facility, which will convert weapons-grade plutonium into fuel for nuclear power plants, was awarded $300 million...
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Greenpeace challenges plutonium shipping plan

...susceptible to theft by terrorists, industry experts said. Duke Energy, the company that is helping build the mixed-oxide facility at SRS, wants four fuel cells to begin testing the process now at its nuclear facilities in Catawba, S.C...
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Judge bans Hodges' blockade

...sent to SRS during the next 18 months. Mr. Hodges argued the DOE was breaking its promise to fund and build a mixed-oxide facility that would make the plutonium usable in nuclear power plants. The broken promise, the governor said, would...