Mistletoe is pest for people, food source for birds

'What happens under the mistletoe stays under the mistletoe." I saw that on a Christmas sweatshirt one of my staff members had on this week.Mistletoe has always been synonymous with Christmas. Its seasonal...

Mistletoe more than kisses on Christmas

Mistletoe has always been synonymous with Christmas...areas around Augusta.But using less mistletoe at Christmas doesn't mean we have less...Most people don't know much about mistletoe. American mistletoe is a parasitic plant...

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Mockingbirds help spread mistletoe

Mistletoe has long been synonymous with Christmas...in the middle of the woods. American mistletoe is a parasitic plant that lives on tree...perhaps its favorite host. Birds eat mistletoe berries (it is not toxic to them...

Mistletoe and A.H. Stephens state parks receive honors

...with awards for superior maintenance and volunteer programs.Mistletoe State Park on Thurmond Lake in Columbia County received the...Programming Award by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.Mistletoe State Park offered numerous programs during 2012. Their events...

Deer hunts will close Mistletoe State Park

Mistletoe State Park on Thurmond Lake will close for three days Friday through Sunday...wildlife management tool rather than for recreation. The ecosystem within Mistletoe State Park has been damaged by the overabundance of deer, and by reducing...

Final Mistletoe tournament rounds get early start today

...both Pro and Hunter division competitors in the North American Bowhunters' "Georgia Open" 3-D Archery Championships at Mistletoe State Park. The event, which has been attended by more than 1,000 archery enthusiasts, attracted a total of 655 competitors...

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Undergrowth to be burned at Mistletoe park

...Georgia Forestry Commission and the Georgia Department of Natural Resources will be holding a prescribed burn of 300 acres at Mistletoe State Park this morning. The burn will begin at 10 a.m. and will likely be visible across the lake into Lincoln County...

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Mistletoe survey fun

Chances are, if you're in a mall and someone conducting a survey asks you if you believe in the Mistletoe tradition, you're probably about to be presented with mistletoe. Enjoy a fun viral holiday video that's already been enjoyed more than 13 million times.

Races bring strong competitors to Wildwood Park

...racers were on the water, the Strong racers ran to the golf course at 10 a.m., then onto their bikes for trails including Mistletoe State Park, leaving Wildwood Park free for the Tenderfoot racers who began at 11.While the Epic Race was a national qualifier...

Looking back

...great-great-grandfather, Dr. William Anderson Dunn, who was born in 1821 in Columbia County (on his parents' land that is now part of Mistletoe State Park) and died in 1898 at Cobbham.Dr. Dunn was descended directly from Thomas Dunn, who came from England to Jamestown...