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Editorial: First, ID the real problem

...Act of 1965 was struck down last year by the Supreme Court.The new system would include Georgia, Texas, Mississippi and Louisiana but exclude Alabama, Arizona, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Florida. However, voter ID...
Just Give Me Jesus revival fills James Brown Arena

...Dianne Talley and Sherry Rackley flew in from Texas on Thursday. Other groups said they came in from Indiana, Mississippi and Louisiana."Almost 20 years ago, I heard her dad speak at a women's conference," Talley said. "We sat five hours...
Hairy crazy ants could make way to Georgia

Hairy crazy ants are already menacing Florida, Texas, Mississippi and Louisiana.And Georgia could be next.Experts tell the Atlanta Journal-Constitution it may only be a matter of time before the flea-sized...
Peanut product recalls

...convenience stores, dollar stores, drug stores and discount stores in Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana. Details: by phone at 901-476-2643. This recall includes the following product: -Turner peanut butter...
SEC makes its case for No. 1

...that starts in Florida, winds its way up through Georgia and Tennessee, then curves back into Alabama and Mississippi and Louisiana, an unrivaled path of pigskin prestige. Since the powers that run college football created the Bowl Championship...
Across the Southeast

...beleaguered teachers and school administrators Monday that Congress is working to speed recovery in the Gulf Coast of Mississippi and Louisiana. House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn, D-S.C., noted a House bill that would provide millions of dollars...
Shortage of laborers hurts rebuilding effort

...gouging and scams by unscrupulous contractors. The problems promise to grow worse, as thousands of homeowners in Mississippi and Louisiana are set to receive hundreds of millions in government grants to pay for rebuilding. "People realize the next...
Young up for parks post

...for the department of U.S. Housing and Urban Development, was touring Hurricane Katrina-ravaged areas of Mississippi and Louisiana this week with President Bush. He did not respond to repeated inquiries about being on the short list for the...
Federal officials aid storm plans

...shelters and homes, the state also took in thousands of evacuees who fled the flooding and widespread damage in Mississippi and Louisiana. "For that, the whole country is grateful," Mr. Chertoff said. This season, which started earlier this...
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Cell companies beefing up in preparation for hurricane season

JACKSON, Miss. - Bay St. Louis Police Chief Frank McNeil faced the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina with no communications. And all along Mississippi's tattered coast, residents scrambled to find ways to tell loved ones they had survived.