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Columbia mission specialist Anderson buried at Arlington

WASHINGTON -- Shuttle crew member Michael P. Anderson had tried to prepare his daughters for his darkest hour, should it come aboard the Columbia. On Friday, one hugging a teddy bear, they helped lay him to rest.\r\n
Fort Gordon soldiers take part in explosive chemical mission drill

As six explosions rang out, yellow smoke rose above Field 23 to simulate a chemical, biological and explosive-type mission. Specialist Daniel Redburn and his three-member team searched for shelter.
First Baptist of North Augusta names interim pastor

...Bryan will serve as the new interim pastor of First Baptist Church of North Augusta.Bryan, who is currently a mission specialist with the Georgia Baptist Convention, starts at the church on June 3.The pastor previously served at Curtis Baptist...
Biographies of astronauts who died aboard Columbia

...NAME: Dr. David M. Brown, mission specialist. AGE-BIRTH DATE: 46. Born...Single. NAME: Kalpana Chawla, mission specialist. AGE-BIRTH DATE: 41. Born...shuttle mission in 1997 as mission specialist and prime robotic arm operator...
NASA wants to launch next shuttle by spring space station. They are commander Eileen Collins, pilot James Kelly, Japanese astronaut Soichi Noguchi and mission specialist Stephen Robinson. Other crew members will be named later. The next mission's responsibilities are still uncertain...
Super Bowl notebook

...several discussions the past few months trying to achieve the proper tenor for the pregame, said Andrew Thomas, a mission specialist preparing for his fourth flight. "This should be an uplifting and exciting day so we don't dwell on the unpleasantness...
Workers who launched Columbia honor crew with service at planned landing strip

...payload commander Michael P. Anderson, mission specialist David M. Brown, pilot William C McCool, mission specialist Kalpana Chawla, mission specialist Laurel Clark and Ramon. Many of the Kennedy...
Families of Columbia astronauts forge ahead with life

...You have to move on, not dwell on the past," said Dr. Jonathan Clark, whose wife Dr. Laurel Clark, was a mission specialist on Columbia. "For us it's to find a new life, a new future. It's a challenge but you can't just quit and...
First Indian-born woman in space was modern heroine in her homeland

...PTI news agency had calculated exactly when Indians could look to the skies and wave as the space shuttle carrying mission specialist Chawla flew past in the heavens. PTI told readers in southern Bombay and Madras which minute of the day they could...
Augusta's Still to guide astronauts into orbit

...boosters APU: auxiliary power unit ET: external tank MECO: main engine cutoff GLS: ground launch sequencer MS: mission specialist RTLS abort: return to landing site abort ATO: abort to orbit AOA: abort once around (the Earth) CAPCOM: capsule...
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