Athens couple welcomes quadruplets after miscarriage

After a miscarriage early last year, Matt and Julianne Kirkland, of Athens, feared they would not be able to add another child to their family...

Fight for Scott Dean

...attorneys involved not see the injustice being done to Scott Dean and his family?Come on! Somehow, we need to get this miscarriage of justice rectified, and soon. Getting the man and his family reunited by this coming Christmas should be a priority...

An absence of justice

...uncooperative Garner was resisting arrest.Yet, based upon all available evidence, we stand with those who see a blatant miscarriage of justice in the lack of any criminal indictment in the New York case.For one thing, the criminal behavior in question...

What 'miscarriage of justice'?

...in the Campbell era, Arcangeli said, "he's the chairman of the board." Worse yet is Campbell's whining about a "miscarriage of justice." The only thing worse than a corrupt, tax-evading elected official is one who, when caught, can still...

Rate of pregnant teens dips

...Columbia County, where abortions and miscarriages have increased and the teen pregnancy...Resources Center for Health Statistics. Miscarriages in Richmond County decreased from 46...1994 to 1995. In Columbia County, miscarriages increased from seven to eight from...

9-11 birthdays are bittersweet

...Angel had pretty much given up on having children. She and her husband, Robert Pike, already had suffered through three miscarriages and the death of their 5-month-old twins. The 39-year-old was shocked when she discovered she was pregnant again...

The blessings of professional chaplaincy

The other day I was surfing the Internet looking for sources on dealing with grief caused by miscarriages. I came upon an article written by a physician on a religious Web site. It started out as a pretty good article until I arrived...

State adoptions office using new means to find homes

...state adoption coordinators could clone Charlie and Jackie Hood, they would. After seven years of fertility treatments, miscarriages and dashed dreams, they decided to adopt one child. Instead, they took home four. The two boys and two girls, ages 4...

Company recalls its Colby cheese

...potentially fatal, infections in young children, the elderly and people with weak immune systems. It also can cause miscarriages. The cheese, sold in vacuum-packed plastic bags, carries the code A259 on the label and was sold in South Carolina and...

CDC: Death toll eight from bacterial outbreak

...a Sara Lee subsidiary. The outbreak has sickened 50 people in 11 states since August, including two women who suffered miscarriages, the CDC said. Last month, Sara Lee recalled several brands of hot dogs and cold cuts. Healthy people can usually fight...

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