Mir stabilized for final descent

KOROLYOV, Russia - One day before the Mir's fiery descent into the South Pacific...Officials issued computer commands to Mir at 2:35 a.m. (6:30 p.m. EST Wednesday) to regain full control of Mir. Until now, the 15-year-old station's...

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Russian Mir space station damaged in accident with unmanned cargo ship; Crew unhurt

MOSCOW -- Russia's legendary Mir space station was severely damaged Wednesday...being part of the project and even whether Mir itself should finally be shut down. The accident occurred when Mir's three astronauts, two Russians and a British-born...

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Mir repairs delayed a week to allow for practice

...Friday to practice repair work on a mockup of the Mir space station. Repairs aboard the real Mir were postponed a week to give its crew more time...delay did not reflect any new problems with the Mir. The walk into the airless module, originally...

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Mir crew fixes latest breakdown; major repairs delayed again

MOSCOW - Crucial repairs on Mir may have to wait for the arrival of the...is reassessing the situation aboard the Mir - which has a hole in one module, is operating...Culbertson, director of NASA's shuttle-Mir program, said Friday in Houston. Thursday's...

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Mir descent date changed, parliament speaker appeals for reprieve

...Russian space officials said Monday the Mir space station will be dumped Friday, one...reprieve. Space officials had previously set Mir's controlled descent into the South Pacific...was dropping more slowly than expected. Mir was orbiting about 142 miles above the Earth...

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Mir docking with supply ship put off for a day

...MOSCOW - A new misfortune befell the battered Mir space station on Sunday when officials put...trouble posed no danger to those aboard the Mir, two Russian cosmonauts and American astronaut...computer." "It has nothing to do with the Mir itself," Solovyov told reporters. "What...

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Mir batteries get charged

...MOSCOW (AP) - The batteries that power the Mir space station soaked up the sun's energy...knocked out the orientation system that keeps Mir's solar panels aligned with the sun. Without control over which way Mir points in space, its solar batteries lost...

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Uncertainty clouds Mir repair mission

MOSCOW -- A new crew safely aboard Mir, the applause at Russia's Mission Control...new rescue mission has a chance to salvage the Mir - and Russia's manned space program. Is the damage to Mir worse than officials have disclosed? U.S...

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Endeavour, Mir race toward Saturday afternoon rendezvous

...CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. -- The gap between Mir and Endeavour narrowed orbit by orbit Friday...shuttle is scheduled to rendezvous with Mir on Saturday afternoon to deliver the last...Andrew Thomas couldn't wait to get to Mir, and Mir's David Wolf couldn't wait...

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Long-distance delivery: Mir gets new oxygen generator, fresh astronaut

SPACE CENTER, Houston - Russia's run-down Mir space station got a new oxygen generator Saturday...the shuttle, his ride home after four months on Mir. And Michael Foale and his two new Mir-mates were assured of sufficient air. ``I...