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Shuttle program timeline

...First Russian cosmonaut on shuttle.1995: First female pilot, Eileen Collins; first docking with Russia's Mir space station.1998: Mercury astronaut John Glenn returns to orbit at 77; first U.S. piece of International Space Station...
NASA weighs whether to allow cosmonaut to hit golf ball

...20 million each and once charged PepsiCo $5 million to have cosmonauts float a replica of a soda can outside the Mir space station. The Russians also allowed Pizza Hut to paint its logo on a rocket and have a pizza delivered to the space station...
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Russian space agency says solar sail launch fails

...devices in space have failed. In 1999, Russia launched a similar experiment with a sun-reflecting device from its Mir space station, but the deployment mechanism jammed and the device burned up in the atmosphere. In 2001, Russia tried again...
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Fresh from successful flight, China says it plans a space station

...developing China's space lab," he said. "We are not actually planning to catch up with the (former Russian) Mir space station or the International Space Station at this moment." China doesn't participate in the International Space Station...

...when the spacecraft was dark. Researchers based at the University of Tor Vergata in Rome put detectors aboard the Mir space station to study the phenomenon. The flashes are caused by two components of cosmic rays, the scientists wrote in last...
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What it means to be an astronaut

...combat Navy fighter pilot. In 1998, he piloted the Space Shuttle Endeavor on an orbital mission to the Russian Mir Space Station, delivering the last American crewmember to the outpost.)
Opinion columns
Shuttle disaster makes international space station dependent on Russia

...for the space station by more than two years, until 2000. A chronic cash shortage prompted Russia to discard the Mir space station in March 2001. Russian media speculate NASA may opt to keep the station temporarily unoccupied after its current...
Six Americans, one Israeli aboard space shuttle Columbia

...the Air Force when NASA chose him in 1994 as one of only a handful of black astronauts. He traveled to Russia's Mir space station in 1998. The lieutenant colonel, who lived in Spokane, Wash., was in charge of Columbia's dozens of science...
Odds and Ends

...Tuesday in Game 3. Taco Bell sponsored a similar promotion last year, offering free tacos to the country if the Mir space station hit the company's 40-foot-by-40-foot target in the South Pacific. Mir finished the day 0-1...
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Astronauts endure nonstop racket from fans, pumps

...modules had higher noise limits than U.S. standards. By the time NASA got all the acoustic data on Russia's Mir space station, it was too late. The agreement was struck, and NASA was stuck. "We were in a dilemma, and it was very difficult...
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