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Obama definitely knows what he's doing

...following: Liberal ideologues -- especially ministers, priests and bishops -- need to finally confess that their beloved Democratic Party of old has abandoned them and America...
Rants and Raves

...Corps Band, for your awesome Christmas concert. Your music was truly a blessing. THIS IS A huge rave for the ministers, priests ... and teachers in Augusta and Columbia County who preach the Gospel in its entirety for the glory of God. Everyone...
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Something is always happening - God is at work

...we teach our children: "stop, look, and listen." God is at work in the daily, unsung labor of our cities ministers, priests, rabbis, and other members of the clergy. God is at work in the lives of faithful lay people, whose simple faith...
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Horrors: Christian clubs in school

...Would he forbid these groups to meet on school property ... Or does this restriction apply only to Christians? Ministers, priests and other clerics or group leaders have as much liberty to proselytize as any coach, school psychologist, band...
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Hit clergy for silence on 'abortion pill'

...of all, the leadership of our Christian churches has been woefully lacking. I tell you, if I were a Christian minister, priest, or bishop I would never let a Sunday go by without a few words concerning, or a short prayer to end, abortion...
Nation's bankers offer sermon to quell Year 2000 fears

...said Wednesday, referring to the four-page homily that it is distributing to bankers to share with their local ministers, priests and rabbis. The heads of the country's ATM networks, meanwhile, urged consumers not to withdraw unusually large...
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Clinton apologizes to the nation, Lewinsky before religious leaders

...forgiven, more than sorrow is required," he said. Reading from notes as his hushed audience of more than 100 ministers, priests and other religious leaders listened, the president said he had a broken spirit but still hoped to regain the nation's...
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Lists options for teens' `spare time'

...sides on the skateboarding issue, I suggest the following to teen-agers to occupy their spare time: - Ask your minister, priest or rabbi about activities for teen-agers in your church or synagogue. I'm sure he can suggest something...
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