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Seeks repeal of S.C. mini-bottle law

...violating DUI laws. Earlier this month, I went before the Senate Judicial Subcommittee to support repeal of the mini-bottle law. Unfortunately, lobbyists and manufacturers of mini-bottles, who do not even live in this state, are fighting...
End to the bottleneck

...Carolina's archaic and dangerous mini-bottle law out-numbered, and out-muscled...have fought to get rid of the mini-bottle law because it contributes to the...constitution to allow the repeal of the mini-bottle law before lawmakers can move ahead...
Mini-bottles smell fishy

...state's archaic and dangerous mini-bottle law, some lawmakers who seemed to...organizations are all against the mini-bottle law because it contributes to the...about everybody is opposed to the mini-bottle law, except for liquor distributors...
Mini-bottle war over?

...would. This is because of the state's bizarre "mini-bottle" law that mandates bartenders pour customers drinks from...groups battling drinking and driving. Eliminating the mini-bottle law, says the state's Mothers Against Drunk Driving...
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Sees no need for S.C. mini-bottle law

My wife has a lot of cooking recipes which call for a small amount of brandy or rum. Since we don't drink these as a drink, we are left with the option of buying a larger (half pint or more) bottle and wasting the remainder. By the way, for those of you who don't know -- cooking boils off the alcohol, leaving only the flavor. I feel this is a legitimate purpose for mini-bottles. But as far as the South Carolina law requiring mini-bottles, I don't see that it serves any purpose. H. von Dohlen, Hephzibah
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Session's significance seems caught up in tattoos, liquor

...all spirits. He also believes drink prices might not reflect the amount of liquor being poured in the glass if the mini bottle law is repealed. "This is like going to the gas station and putting $20 worth of gas in you car and paying the attendant...
How to curb DUIs

...Mothers Against Drunk Driving in urging repeal of the mini-bottle law. It's not an easy task, because somehow the law...on the ballot for November. If voters repeal the mini-bottle law and lawmakers approve Gowdy's plan, the chances...