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Finds Bush war critic 'disgraceful'

...contempt for the "crooked" Bush family is the focus of his bitterness. He is an ignominious citizen. As a global military strategist, Mr. Gelbart has let his intense dislike for our president blind him completely. Were he in control, his plan...
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Author who coined 'shock and awe' says bloody, brutal war is alternative

...who helped coin the expression to describe the U.S.-led campaign in Iraq said Saturday. Harlan Ullman, the military strategist who wrote a 1996 publication that outlined the doctrine of arraying massive airpower against an enemy, said the...
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Fight continues against 'crackpots'

...hiding.The naysayers now need to eat humble pie, for the same "inexperienced" Obama has proved a brilliant military strategist. The Islamic world should be grateful for what he has done to keep the people of the world safe from Islamic crackpots...
General Tso - warrior, innovator ... chicken?

...province of China, was the fiercest of 19th-century warriors. Yet today, most of America associates the late military strategist with a chicken. And a tasty one at that. Odds are you know him as General Tso, General Chao, General Zhou...
It's almost 'showtime' for Gen. Tommy Franks

...the seaside palace of Jordan's royal family. He's a student of history who quotes the teachings of ancient military strategist Sun Tzu. He's a college dropout who joined the Army at 20 because he knew he needed to grow up. "Anybody who...
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Americans lack 'national will' to win the local civic center this week, can I say it is a bad assessment? One doesn't have to be a student of military strategist Karl von Clauzewitz to see that there is a tremendous apparent vacancy of what he called "national will." I...
Navy air depot remark worries officials

...economy. "The impact of any closure in Jacksonville will have consequences," said Dan McCarthy, the city's military strategist who will lead the city through the next round of closures. "The depot is very important to the Department of...
Bodyguards see training as challenge

...cater to the needs of our "principal," while mastering the dicta laid down by Sun Tzu, the ancient Chinese military strategist: "True excellence is to plan secretly, to move surreptitiously, to foil the enemy's intentions and balk his...
Across the Southeast

...the 200th anniversary of the birth of Gen. Robert E. Lee, the Southern icon many still revere as a brilliant military strategist and a Virginia gentleman nearly 150 years after the Civil War. Several events are planned through the weekend...