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President Obama addresses Democratic National Convention

...war in Afghanistan. Well, I have -- and I will. (Applause.)And while my opponent would spend more money on military hardware that our Joint Chiefs don't even want, I will use the money we're no longer spending on war to pay down our...
Israel's expansionism should be halted

...acknowledge Israel's right to expand. During these years of hostility, the United States supported Israel with military hardware and with diplomatic pressure to further Israel's control of the Middle East. Many Middle East countries that are...
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Military retirees to get benefits and other quality-of-life issues, and (military) hardware and readiness." A House-Senate conference and other quality-of-life issues, and (military) hardware and readiness." A House-Senate conference committee...
Ga. Lockheed Martin plant strike vote set

...north of Atlanta, struck over contracts in 2002 and 2005 but voted to ratify a three-year deal in March 2008, ending a strike threat that year.The Bethesda, Md.-based firm manufactures fighter jets and other military hardware.
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U.S. has priorities backward in Mideast

...creation of a Palestinian nation. Since that time, Israel has started six wars against the Palestinian people (the military hardware of Israel's military was supplied by President Truman and all of the presidents since that time). Our president...
Augusta native played major role in history of Civil War

...over his surrender. They point out he was a Southern sympathizer who saw an advantage to giving the Rebels all his military hardware. The fact that he accepted a Confederate generalship a few months later would seem to be more than coincidence...
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New Lockheed CEO faces shifting defense budgets

...McCain's liking. Analysts suggest that as defense spending slows, Lockheed will have to grow in other areas besides military hardware. It already has expanded in some sectors such as information technology, where posted a 22 percent sales increase...
Unemployment rate falls to 5.9 percent in November

...strongest increase in 15 months. The gain, the fifth increase in the past six months, was led by strong demand for military hardware and transportation equipment. In a third economic report, the Federal Reserve said that consumers were more cautious...
A tyrant welcomed

...human organs from executed prisoners. Demand that the Red regime cease the sale and/or exchange of advanced military hardware and nuclear technology to rogue nations like Libya and North Korea. If the United States is the "leader of the...
Global positioning helps keep travelers on course dollars have paid for the signals already. Some GPS receivers are in tanks, trucks, planes, ships and other military hardware. Portable GPS receivers in soldiers' backpacks were reportedly an important factor in the Gulf War, keeping American...
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