The people's pharmacy: New treatments provide some relief from migraines

...severe that you can barely stand it. Migraines produce nausea, sensitivity to light...often took hours to days. Classical migraines, with bizarre visual symptoms and one-sided...Both pills appear very effective against migraines and provide relief within two to four...

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FDA approves Excedrin for migraines

...to treat the pain of mild to moderate migraines, providing a new market for the 20-year-old...hours. Some 20 million Americans have migraines, powerful headaches that can last 24...prescription drugs for pain and to prevent migraines. But experts have said an over-the-counter...

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Doctors: Medication worsened Lindros' headaches

...two weeks ago, worsening his recurring migraines, his doctor said Friday. But the team...fourth concussion in two years resulted in migraines. The headaches became more severe because...right-side weakness -- a common result of migraines -- was gone, and he was "raging to...


Migraine numbers Migraines increased sharply during the 1980s, with 1 out of 100 women aged...Swanson reported in the journal Neurology. During the same period, migraines increased among men by 25 percent, but fewer men are affected...

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Graedon, The People's Pharmacy: Migraine sufferer touts pot

...but first you need some background. I have a history of migraines, the worst kind. When I have one I stay in a dark room...and feel depressed. I have spent days in the hospital with migraines. The medicine they gave me was so strong I would sleep two...

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Spice can scare away recurrent headaches

Q: I have occasional migraines that disturb my vision. They almost always occur in clusters over...capsaicin prevented cluster headaches, which may be related to migraines. Eating hot, spicy soup has not been scientifically tested...

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...estimated that more than 35 million Americans suffer from migraines. If you're among them, you don't have to suffer through...Doctors can prescribe medications that specifically target migraines. But it's important to identify what causes your migraine...

Bachmann says her headaches under control

...contender Michele Bachmann, who suffers periodically from migraines, said the condition would not interfere with her ability...Like Nearly 30 million other Americans, I experience migraines that are easily controllable with medication," she said...

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NO SMALL HEADACHE It's estimated that more than 35 million Americans suffer from severe headaches, or migraines. While some choose to suffer through the pain, it doesn't have to be that way. Step One: Seek medical help. Visit a doctor...

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Consumers confused by talk of side effects

NEW ORLEANS -- You've seen the TV commercials for drugs that promise to relieve allergies, banish migraines, grow back your hair, prevent heart attacks, relieve herpes. Then comes the stern voice droning on about possible side effects...

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