Blog becomes a powerful outlet for migraine sufferers

...When Janet Geddis started her blog, The Migraine Girl, she just wanted a place to vent...she said.Today the blog is housed on Migraine.com, and Geddis - who started out...a national effort to show how common migraine is and sway lawmakers to make life easier...

Busy women with migraine face more than just a headache

...perform even the most simple tasks: migraine headaches. For many women, prescription...triptans" help them to manage their migraine headaches. Triptans are the first...medications designed to specifically treat migraine headaches. Unlike over-the-counter...

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The people's pharmacy: New treatments provide some relief from migraines

...can barely stand it. Migraines produce nausea, sensitivity...to days. Classical migraines, with bizarre visual...were limited. Many migraine sufferers abused over-the-counter...prescription nasal spray for migraines is Migranal (DHE or...understanding of the causes of migraine headaches, sufferers...

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FDA approves Excedrin for migraines

...over-the-counter migraine medicine Wednesday...of mild to moderate migraines, providing a new market...market called Excedrin Migraine with the same formula...the pills alleviate migraine pain within two to four...million Americans have migraines, powerful headaches...

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Migraine treatments add wrinkle to Botox

...problems. "Anybody who's got migraines needs to get this done...study using Botox to treat migraine headaches, which is not an...augustachronicle.com. Botox for Migraines Using Botox to treat migraines is an off-label use, not...

Graedon, The People's Pharmacy: Migraine sufferer touts pot

...some background. I have a history of migraines, the worst kind. When I have one I...have spent days in the hospital with migraines. The medicine they gave me was so strong...even death at high doses. There are new migraine medications, though, and you might...

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Many specialists, little relief for chronic pain sufferers

...Patricia Whiteside began suffering crippling migraine pain in her 20s, she embarked on what...neurologist finally brought Whiteside's worst migraine attacks under control, she says...some pills and call it something like migraine. If you walk through a physiatrist's...

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Doctors: Medication worsened Lindros' headaches

...two weeks ago, worsening his recurring migraines, his doctor said Friday. But the team...fourth concussion in two years resulted in migraines. The headaches became more severe because...right-side weakness -- a common result of migraines -- was gone, and he was "raging to...


Migraine numbers Migraines increased sharply during the 1980s...dieting and a greater awareness of migraine symptoms may account for the 56 percent...Neurology. During the same period, migraines increased among men by 25 percent...

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Couples hopes third time a charm

...tour before Fred Couples put aside a migraine headache and unscrambled the listing...holes 5-under par despite his first migraine in years. "I don't know what I had other than a migraine," Couples said. "I felt bad on the...

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