Mildred Force

DECATUR, Ga. - Mildred (Midi) J. Force of Decatur, Georgia, passed...September 23, 2015, at the age of 99. Midi was born in 1915 in Cobb County, Georgia...Place in Decatur to be near family. Midi was a long-time member of the Hill...

Himowitz on computers: PC as a music machine

...around, we'll discuss collections of MIDI files -- electronic compositions waiting...Most sound cards today have built-in "MIDI" synthesizers that can turn your computer...harpsichord, saxophone or all of these at once. MIDI is an acronym for Musical Instrument Digital...

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Caught in a web of holiday music

...have text-only song lyrics, some have MIDI files that play a "computer` sounding...you forgot how the tune goes, follow a MIDI audio file as it plays along with the sheet...www.veeness.com/MerryChristmas/midi.html. From new traditions such as...

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Foreign language quiz: French

...Je m'appelle Jean. 2. Quelle heure est-il? a. Il est au cinema. b. Il aime danser. c. Il est content. d. Il est midi. 3. Quel age avez-vous? a. J'ai 21 ans. b. J'habite Paris. c. J'aime faire du sport. d. Je suis grand. 4...

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Armstrong has edge

...feeling good, he's confident about his U.S. Postal Service team, and he's been on a roll: He won two warmup events - the Midi Libre in May and the Dauphine Libere in June. There are other reasons for optimism. Two previous Tour winners, Germany's...

Other sports

...the IOC session in Prague, Czech Republic, in July 2003. Cycling Armstrong wins Midi Libre race Three-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong won the Midi Libre on Sunday, finishing fourth in the 107-mile final stage. Armstrong had an...

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Ask the Computer Guy: Personal Computing Q&A

...extension. Extensions for sound files include "wav" and "midi." Wav files use a sound "waveform." The format was developed...become the de facto standard in the Windows world we live in. Midi stands for "musical instrument digital interface." But changing...

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Audio book explains how computers create sound

...quality in 8-bit sound and higher levels. You can also listen to a nice explanation of MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) sequencers and working with MIDI files. There's more, including MOD files, which were originally music files for...

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Most distant known object in universe discovered

...studied in any detail with presently available telescopes," said astronomer Jean-Paul Kneib, of Caltech and the Observatoire Midi-Pyrenees in France. The discovery gives a rare glimpse of the time when the first stars and galaxies began to blink on, ending...

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Brussels sprouts bargains

...weekend markets. Rummage around the daily flea market in the Marolles neighborhood. On Sundays, there is a big market around the Midi railway station and on Place Flagey. With more than 2,900 acres of parks, Brussels is a very green city. Don't miss the...

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