Change terror strategy

...going through the hearts and minds of many French citizens in the aftermath of another terror attack that has taken the Middle East conflict to the West.Those interested in history might remember that the Algerian conflict more than a half-century...

Tempest in a coffee pot: Red cup doesn't mean someone hates Jesus

...been solved.When I went to bed the night before, terrorists very literally were marking Christians for death in the Middle East. Church attendance was plummeting across Europe. In America, too many televangelists served both God and mammon...

No Syrian refugees for Georgia, Gov. Deal says

...of Georgians."Deal joins governors from states like Alabama, Texas and Michigan in turning away refugees from the Middle East who are fleeing military Islamic extremists like the Islamic State that claimed to have initiated the Paris attacks...

Iran deal leads to ruin

...transpired on his watch but is there any hope left for the next generation as Isis stokes the evil of terrorism and the Middle East sits on a powder keg? Our only hope is if we wake up in time to avoid the sin of indifference.Nathan M. JollesAugusta

3 teams said to be behind Paris attacks

...intelligence services.If the attack does involve militants who traveled to Europe amid millions of refugees from the Middle East, the implications could be profound.Poland's prospective minister for European affairs, Konrad Szymanski, said...

Big beer merger leaves future uncertain for competitors

...billion. But AB InBev would still be the No. 1 player in North America ? as well as Australasia, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. In Europe, it would lag behind only Carlsberg in the east and Heineken in the west, according to Euromonitor...

Democrats share stage in debate

...Bernie Sanders clashed over U.S. involvement in the Middle East, gun control and economic policy in the first Democratic...not support sending American combat troops back to the Middle East to fight terrorism."Nobody does, Senator Sanders...

There's no defending this

...to fund his liberal agenda ? including compromise our national security.Look around: The world is a mess; the Middle East is aflame; Western society is under siege by terrorists like never before; and America's armed forces are smaller...

Obama is new Chamberlain

...orders, but he is not qualified or competent to lead this nation. The world is inching toward World War III in the Middle East. His response is to ban pork in federal prisons, claiming the majority of inmates (he means the Muslim inmates...

Put Blair on city council

...for God, family and country. He served our country well during his military career that included four tours in the Middle East. Eric continues to serve diligently in many areas as a civilian in an effort to make this world a better place for...