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...the American public known to mankind.TO FINISH UP WORLD War II, Truman had to have two atomic bombs dropped on Japan. Alas, a lot of innocent Japanese got killed, but we had no choice. Are we reaching that point now in the Middle East?

Rants & Raves

...be CAREER politicians? THE PROBLEM WITH the Democrats is that despite Russia invading Ukraine, ISIS taking over the Middle East and illegal aliens streaming across our borders, they still think the biggest problem we face as a country is Fox News...

Cross Creek High School | The Augusta Chronicle

...at Cross Creek High School. Cross Creek graduate Alexis Dunlap thought her older sister, deployed by the Navy to the Middle East, would have to miss her graduation ceremony. But her sibiling and ROTC Commander had other plans. Don't Miss...

John Barrow, Joe Wilson support bill to train Syrians; Paul Broun does not

...for U.S.-led attacks in the Middle East.Barrow admitted the plan isn't...expanding terrorist safe havens in the Middle East and "mistakenly" withdrawing...certain that our interests in the Middle East remain protected."

Bottom line

Rid yourself of any dangerous notions that the Islamic State terrorism threat is confined to the Middle East.Michelle Malkin's column on this page details radical recruitment uncovered in the United States.But bigger news broke Thursday...

What ails Islamic world?

Baffled by the sudden surge of militancy under the banner of Islam in some countries in the Middle East, we are now faced with another war in the region. This time it's against brigands and charlatans who have cropped up in several...

US CEOs less optimistic about hiring, spending

...stops and starts and is underperforming previous recoveries," Stephenson said. Overseas conflicts in the Ukraine and Middle East have also weighed on executives' optimism.Chief executives were encouraged in the second quarter by the expectation...

PGA Tour's West Coast events could suffer from Match Play move

...was at Pebble Beach, but only because his father played with him. Justin Rose played Riviera because he missed the Middle East swing because of injury; and Martin Kaymer played Phoenix, where he lives.The rest showed up at Match Play, which...

Look at Obama's actions

...that this administration has done. Obama's strategy has been the effective complete withdrawal of troops from the Middle East, leaving a void allowing terrorists networks to regain strength. He drew a red line in the sand in Syria, then walked...

Obama needs to step up

...not? Apparently we have no statesmen left in America.I am a veteran of the Korean War, and lived and worked in the Middle East for 25 years. Therefore, I feel qualified to give Obama some advice: Act now. Declare war against ISIS.If we use...