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The Microsoft Windows XP may not be for you

I officially proclaim the next seven days as Microsoft Windows XP Week. Microsoft's new XP operating system hits store shelves on Thursday, Oct.25, which means many of us will feel compelled...
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Day planner

...Road, Suite E; $120 per six weeks, per class; call Gwen Watts at (706) 729-0941. - Software training for Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office and other applications; daytime and evening classes offered Monday through Saturday; Computer...
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What's hot: New items of interest

The Everex Freestyle, the first of the Microsoft Windows CE-based "Palm PCs" is here, and it's one cool computer. Being a big fan of the PalmPilot, and well aware that the PPC...
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Windows 98 has plenty to offer've spent the last few months hiding in a Montana mountain cabin, you know about the controversy surrounding Microsoft Windows 98. While an antitrust lawsuit swirls around it, the latest upgrade to the Windows operating system is due to hit...
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Websightings: Hot spots on the net

...ihatebillgates.comTHE REASON: Do you really need a reason? Here's an exercise in theoretical logic for all you Microsoft Windows sufferers out there: What if Microsoft built cars? 1. Every time they repainted the lines on the road, you'd...
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Windows XP spawns new how-to books to continue with the tradition. The release of Microsoft Windows XP in October spawned tons of titles, including...Guide to Windows XP: ($49.99, SAMS) - "TechTV Microsoft Windows XP for Home Users" ($24.99, Que) by Jim Louderback...
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Windows Phone 8 shows promise despite limited app store

Rivals would be wise to consider the software innovations of Microsoft Windows Phone 8.
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THIS WEEK Monday through Wednesday: Microsoft Windows; Aiken Technical College; 6 to 9 p.m.; $95; call (803) 593-9231, Ext. 1230. Microsoft Word Level I; Aiken Technical...
Computer shopping: Ask the people who make 'em

...CD-ROM and a 56 K modem. It runs Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition and uses...a mouse. The computer runs Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition and Microsoft...Armada 110 is compatible with Microsoft Windows 98, Millennium Edition and...
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French government investigates Microsoft

...Corp. The investigation follows complaints from French consumers who have said they don't want to have to buy Microsoft Windows software every time they buy a computer, said a Finance Ministry official who spoke on the customary condition of...
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