Don't blindly support Michael Vick

...paper asking everyone to support Michael Vick in the illegal dogfighting case ("Support justice and Michael Vick," July 28). Such blind allegiance...system run its course, and if Michael Vick is found guilty he should pay the...

Adrian Peterson participates in Minnesota Vikings' practice for first time since September

...Shembo's quick departure shows that the Falcons are still sensitive to animal abuse eight years after star quarterback Michael Vick served an 18-month federal prison sentence for running a dogfighting ring.The charges against Vick caused a national...

Jets sign Michael Vick, release Mark Sanchez

The New York Jets have signed quarterback Michael Vick and released Mark Sanchez.The Sanchez move comes as no surprise. He competed for the starting quarterback job with rookie Geno...

Michael Vick reinstated by NFL

NEW YORK - Michael Vick is back in the NFL. Now all he needs...on being reinstated HAMPTON, Va. - Michael Vick's statement after being reinstated...Roger Goodell's letter reinstating Michael Vick, who can play in regular season games...

Michael Vick wins over fans in return to Atlanta

ATLANTA - Michael Vick had a feeling his return to Atlanta...brought to the franchise. "Without Michael Vick, none of this would be going on right...reputation of pit bulls. "It's not about Michael Vick," Mecca said. "I think it's gone...

Leaving Michael Vick

Let there be no doubt: Michael Vick has paid his debt to society...astounded, but delighted, if he can. Michael Vick's crimes and other famous failings...best directed at another guy named Michael Vick. And it would help if he believed...

Retailer pulls Michael Vick jerseys in Ga. stores

...chain quickly pulled replicas of Michael Vick's jersey from its Georgia stores...some of our stores were carrying Michael Vick jerseys," Bealls spokeswoman...As a company, we do not support Michael Vick in any way."Tucker said the...

Support justice and Michael Vick

I support Michael Vick, and believe the Falcons should stick by their quarterback and leader...guilty, but with recent events (the Duke lacrosse case, Don Imus, Michael Vick) I feel that our proud republic is sinking further and further toward...

I will never forgive Michael Vick

...out this season" (July 26). Michael Vick should stay out of the NFL this...applaud the ones that didn't. In Michael Vick's statements, when first caught...I wouldn't belive anything Michael Vick says even if his tongue came notarized...

Forgive and forget with Michael Vick

...I am and why I am writing about Michael Vick's story. I am a retired, disabled...letter do so with an open mind. Michael Vick did a terrible, cruel thing to...agenda on why you can't forgive Michael Vick? Is it because he is young, gifted...