Now is the time for all good Jodi Lotts to come to the aid of their country

She is, in short, running for all the right reasons.

Mayor's column copied others' work

...wouldn't borrow phrasing from a blog entry written two years ago in Seattle," Hotchkiss said.Editorial Page Editor Michael Ryan said the submission displayed "no red flags," such as unique or familiar phrasing, to prompt further review, and...

To heal our nation, does America need a doctor?

Now is the time to explore a new way forward.

'Brush' with greatness: 'Chronicle' cartoonist has new book, higher profile

Not so much because of his celebrity as for his considerable body of work, it seemed a good time to put out of book of his best cartoons ever.

New phenomena have huge impact in expanding world of book publishing

...Internet, text messages and cell phones, it is easy for authors to provide mutual support. I have learned much from Michael Ryan, Bowdre Mays and especially Turner Simkins. Turner has had great success with short talks followed by book-signings...

Most small-business owners actually seek meaning, not time off

...read Frankl's book, or read The Last Freedom, a novel based on Frankl's life, by Chronicle Editorial Page Editor Michael Ryan. TO SUCCEED IN business, you must love your work. You must be a person with a grateful heart. You must be incredibly...

New citizens ring in July 4

...profound and profoundly beautiful the naturalization process is for legal immigrants," said ROAR Executive Director Michael Ryan. "There's nothing more inspiring and patriotic than witnessing a group of immigrants swearing their undying allegiance...

Changing world of book publishing offers varied options for authors

...university press and a Print On Demand company, I feel that the best choice today is the POD model.Local authors Michael Ryan (The Last Freedom: A Novel on the Real Life Adventure of Viktor Frankl) and Bowdre Mays (Is Living Well Still the...

Election Day chat with Michael Ryan

...welcome Augusta Chronicle editorial page editor Michael Ryan to our chat. Michael Ryan: That's me! Connor Threlkeld: Let's begin...race. Give us your candid assessment of today. Michael Ryan: They said it would be historic, but you can...

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Will we ever get the space to build?

We've got a huge population of black males in this country who simply don't trust society - and many who don't even buy into it.