Con man faces UGA kidnap charge

...Georgia professor was arrested again early Tuesday on charges of kidnapping a student on campus and trying to rob her.Michael Ryan King, 31, forced his way into the student's car and intimidated her into driving to an ATM to make a withdrawal...

Mayor's column copied others' work

...wouldn't borrow phrasing from a blog entry written two years ago in Seattle," Hotchkiss said.Editorial Page Editor Michael Ryan said the submission displayed "no red flags," such as unique or familiar phrasing, to prompt further review, and...

Election Day chat with Michael Ryan

...welcome Augusta Chronicle editorial page editor Michael Ryan to our chat. Michael Ryan: That's me! Connor Threlkeld: Let's begin...race. Give us your candid assessment of today. Michael Ryan: They said it would be historic, but you can...

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Patriots, do your job!

New England Patriots Coach Bill Belichick likes to exhort his players, "Just do your job!" It's good advice for other kinds of patriots, too.

'Brush' with greatness: 'Chronicle' cartoonist has new book, higher profile

Not so much because of his celebrity as for his considerable body of work, it seemed a good time to put out of book of his best cartoons ever.

To heal our nation, does America need a doctor?

Now is the time to explore a new way forward.

Living in infamy: Must we have to see mass killers' mugs over and over?

The wide-eyed lunacy in the face of the Aurora shooter couldn't go away fast enough for my taste.

Now is the time for all good Jodi Lotts to come to the aid of their country

She is, in short, running for all the right reasons.

Recap: Super Tuesday chat with Michael Ryan

Super Tuesday chat with Michael Ryan

Pop heroes should remember their own

...or not, they are heroes to many kids. I'm sure Mr. Brown and Mr. Phelps once had heroes, too. Would either have gone half as far if his idols ended up being abusers or potheadsBy ? Michael Ryan is a junior at Greenbrier High School.

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