23 arrested in Richmond County drug busts

...Katrina Hope Ciccio, Jerry Douglas Newton, Thomas Jenning Hewett, Mark Everett Tudor, Dexter Carmell Hunter, Michael Ryan Underwood, Eduardo Hakiim McCord, Grant Boucher Josey, Andrew James-Benjamin Manion and Allen Bradley Harman...

From local writers

...biologist Stephen Hsu. Visit her at www.christinehurleyderiso.com or check out the Thirty Sunsets trailer on youtube. Michael Ryan, The Augusta Chronicle's editorial page editor, has figured out 225 Ways You Can Save America and packaged them...

Rants & Raves

...children in general. This is something that has to come to end soon before something even worse happens.ONCE AGAIN, MICHAEL Ryan doesn't bother to do his homework. Donald Sterling, who has donated to Democrats at times, is a registered Republican...

Around the block

...local chapter, go to www.theamateurradioclubofaugusta.org. CSRA Republican Women's ClubJournalist and author Michael Ryan will speak at the CSRA Republican Women's Club on June 19.The meeting will be at 6 p.m. at Mi Rancho Mexican...

Election Day chat with Michael Ryan

...welcome Augusta Chronicle editorial page editor Michael Ryan to our chat. Michael Ryan: That's me! Connor Threlkeld: Let's begin...race. Give us your candid assessment of today. Michael Ryan: They said it would be historic, but you can...

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Recap: Super Tuesday chat with Michael Ryan

Super Tuesday chat with Michael Ryan

Pop heroes should remember their own

...or not, they are heroes to many kids. I'm sure Mr. Brown and Mr. Phelps once had heroes, too. Would either have gone half as far if his idols ended up being abusers or potheadsBy ? Michael Ryan is a junior at Greenbrier High School.

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High schools go all out in musical productions

...and go see a real high school musical this spring. Michael Ryan is a sophomore at Greenbrier High School. REAL HIGH...WHEN: Show dates TBA BACKSTAGE PASS Greenbrier student Michael Ryan takes us behind the scenes of "Thoroughly Modern Millie...

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Must you be radical?

...inflammatory editorials continue to arouse only anger and animosity toward The Augusta Chronicle and Editorial Page Editor Michael Ryan in particular.Here's a list of Republican issues: anti-women, anti-education, anti-gay, anti-the poor...

American Investment in Bucharest

I started answering a question from Michael.Ryan on my Studio Bar post, but it became the Comment That Ate Bucharest, so I'm putting it in as an actual blog post instead...