Irvin leads Class of '07

MIAMI - Michael Irvin was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Saturday despite a...three Hall of Famers: Jim Brown, Bobby Mitchell and Leroy Kelly. Michael Irvin Wide Receiver 6-2, 207 EXPERIENCE: 1988-1999 Dallas Cowboys...

Taking the threshing floor

Michael Irvin's off-the-field antics often overshadowed his artistry on the field...players, it's how they got into the Hall of Fame that matters. For Michael Irvin, it's how he comported himself once he got there.

Irvin: I relate to Vick

SAN ANTONIO - Michael Irvin says to take it from someone who knows: The worst thing that can happen to Michael Vick right now is to be kept away from football...

Judge: Irvin must give deposition

DALLAS (AP) - A few hours before Michael Irvin reported to the Dallas Cowboys' training camp, a judge...We achieved what our objective was, which was to get Michael Irvin ordered to appear for deposition. That's what was...

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Irvin gets Smith's backing

...Emmitt Smith believes Hall of Fame voters are holding Michael Irvin's personal problems against him. And he's incensed...you're an athlete and you've got credentials like Michael Irvin - Pro Bowls, records, Super Bowls, all those things...

Irvin knows he is lucky

...to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Michael Irvin was the only one to make headlines off the field. Irvin...coached a player who had as much passion for the game as Michael Irvin," Jimmy Johnson said. "He also was the guy who I...

Dallas' Irvin has an alibi, lawyers claim

...and his attorney said teammate Michael Irvin couldn't have been involved...how ridiculous the charges are, Michael Irvin has not been at Erik Williams...security guard will state Mr. Michael Irvin never went to Erik Williams...

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Cowboys crush Eagles

...Cowboys back? It was hard to tell against the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday night, but they looked much better. Michael Irvin scored his first touchdown of the year, Troy Aikman proved he's back from a broken collarbone and Deion Sanders...

Irvin: Vick deserves another shot at NFL

...sentence for dogfighting, he shouldn't have to wait too much longer to return to the NFL, Hall of Fame receiver Michael Irvin said Monday. "The law has spoken and spoken severely," Irvin told The Associated Press in a telephone interview...

Philly fans sink to new low with cheers for Irvin injury

...surly in sports. By cheering Dallas Cowboys receiver Michael Irvin as he lay motionless on the turf Sunday with a neck...of bounds. "I couldn't believe they cheered when Michael Irvin got hurt," said Donovan McNabb, the team's No...