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Futurity: Go-Rounds get going

Where you live: A sunny stroll

Josephine McNeill, left, and Henry Wallace take a walk along the Savannah River with his dogs, Michael, below, and Brandice in Augusta.

Davidson Chorale serenades St. Pauls

The Davidson Chorale performed at St. Pauls Church as part of the Tuesday's Music Live free concert series.

Where you live: The long hall

People walk through a long hall at the JB Whites Building in Augusta. Built in 1924, the historic building used to house the JB White & Co. Department Store but now features condominiums, a restaurant as well as office and retail space.

Where you live: Rainy day fun

Canada Geese wade around the Savannah River during a cold and wet Monday morning. The rain and cool temperatures are expected to continue.

Where you live:13-year-old wins spelling bee

North Augusta Middle School student Michael Havasy, 13, was the eventual winner of the Area II Spelling Bee at North Augusta High School.

Where you live

A man strolls down Broad Street near the Imperial Theatre during a rainy afternoon. The cold rain will continue through Wednesday, with a sunny day expected Thursday.