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'State Boys' reveals a dark episode of U.S. social history

...because of low IQ scores just couldn't happen in the United States. But, yes, it could happen - and did. Author Michael D'Antonio spells out how America's quest for a "better society" took a woefully wrong turn in the early 1900s sparked...
Hershey settles lawsuit over book's cover

...authorized the book, the dust jacket of which also includes a Hershey's Kiss and two older advertising images. Author Michael D'Antonio called the settlement "a victory for people who can't tell the difference between recycled paper and chocolate...
Hershey sues publisher over candy bar image on book

...Welby, a Simon & Schuster publicist, had no immediate comment Monday. The 305-page book, by New York writer Michael D'Antonio, recounts the life of Milton Hershey, who built the company into a manufacturing behemoth and used his wealth...
Men inaccurately classified as 'morons' want apology

...many cases, children were sent to institutions to get them off the streets or out of the foster care system, said Michael D'Antonio, author of "The State Boys Rebellion," a new book about Fernald residents. In extreme cases, they were simply...
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