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Snuff already

...each board of trustees in Ohio's university system consider implementing its own tobacco-free campus policy. Miami University in Ohio already is tobacco-free.According to the University System of Ohio, in 2006 an estimated 34 colleges and universities...
Hitting a high note also gives the students a chance to work with directors outside the school system. David Schaffer, from Miami University in Ohio, and Dr. Cheryl Fryer, from the University of South Carolina Aiken, conducted two of the three bands. The...
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Study: Irish Potato Famine was caused by different strain of fungus than previously believed

...shelves in herbariums. What I'm working with is just one example," she said. Nicholas Money, a botanist at Miami University in Ohio, called Ristaino's work a "remarkable piece of molecular detective work" given the difficulties in separating...
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Merger woes continue for telecommunications companies

...that it is increasingly difficult to manage and orchestrate," said James Brock, an economics professor at Miami University in Ohio. "We end up paying CEOs huge amounts of money to hold together something that by its own inertia and weight...
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