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Crutches add insult to injury

Simply put, crutches are two metal sticks that go under a person's arms and allow the user to limp around without putting weight on an injured leg or foot. In reality...
Xtreme | Greenbrier High School
Keep caulk bead even

...cap off or use the spout cutter located on the caulking gun. Most caulking tubes have a seal, so pop that with the metal stick on the caulking gun. - If you have to cut the spout, do so at an angle. "That just makes it easier to smooth out...
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As development booms, risk to gravesites looms

...of finding unmarked graves remains little more than a metal stick. It looks like a thin, 4-foot-long pogo stick without...trouble when the ground isn't flat. In those cases, the metal stick is the best way to tell. Eventually, a decision has...