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Marketers increase use of sound in online ads

...promoting shows on the Discovery Channel and sister cable networks. One pitching TLC's "Junkyard Wars" had sheets of metal flying over the Web page, with sounds of hammering and a bulldozer speeding by. Other ads went beyond sound effects. Ads...
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Commander of Russian space station shows heart irregularities

...of the Spektr, a defective oxygen generator sparked a 14-minute fire in late February that sent chunks of molten metal flying. In the weeks afterward, the cooling system leaked, oxygen generators failed and the carbon dioxide removal system...
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Explosion turns party into nightmare

...explosion rocked the park. Jeff Mitchell, 33, of Atlanta heard "a muffled explosion," followed by "shards of metal flying over the fence." He spotted four people lying on the ground. People were running, screaming, bleeding. Chaos had...
Humble Gordon stakes claim to greatness

...time Jeff Gordon smiled angelically, answered patiently and avoided the question like it was a loose piece of sheet metal flying at his windshield. Basically, the question was this: Now that Gordon has won his second Winston Cup points championship...
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