Bike messengers need a brake -- or do they?

...there." By their nature, bike messengers are independent types. No national...records on what kind of bike each messenger rides. But a movement in Boston...messenger. A city licensing system for messengers took effect Jan. 1. Riders in...


'the messengers' Released: Feb. 2; in theaters now MPAA Rating: PG-13 Plot: A family moves to a farm to grow sunflowers , and their 3-year-old...

Love, drugs work similarly in the brain, researchers say

...many of the same areas of the brain and the same chemical messengers as drug addiction. That is probably not an accident, said...by the male is really almost a byproduct."The chemical messenger oxytocin, for instance, is involved in the birth process...

Hospital's staff excels in its duties

...heart have not been fully open to it. Openness is the key. To allow God to penetrate our being by sending His own created messengers of His love. ... The recent birth of our ninth child has been an opportunity for us as a family to see God's loving presence...

Neagle gives up Cy Young dreams

...afternoon. From among a collection of more than 2,500 pitches, his season of triumph was spoiled by four strikes. The messengers of his misfortune were named Rondell White, Hensley Meulens and David Segui. Neagle gave up a career-high four home runs...

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Kerry's 'hero' status is highly suspect

...mendacity about his service in Vietnam! Democrats will not address the substance of the allegations, but instead attack the messengers personally. There are 254 persons who served with Kerry. Kerry has his "band of brothers" consisting of perhaps a dozen...

NASA launches spacecraft named Messenger to Mercury

...CANAVERAL, Fla. -- A spacecraft named Messenger rocketed away Tuesday on a 5 billion-mile...the past three decades. NASA launched Messenger in the pre-dawn moonlight on the roundabout...flight controller announced as soon as Messenger shed its final rocket stage. Applause...

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MSN Messenger service mostly restored, but some address books lost

...Microsoft said Tuesday that its MSN Messenger service was mostly restored Tuesday after...second major outage this year for MSN Messenger, a free service for sending instant...accessing the company's Web site. MSN Messenger is in bitter competition with AOL Instant...

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AOL fixes security flaw in Instant Messenger

...a program that turns AOL's Instant Messenger into a key that could unlock many home...discovered a security hole in AOL's Instant Messenger program that could have let a hacker...many earlier versions of AOL's Instant Messenger program, which boasts more than 100...

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Artists announced for 2016 Winter Jam

...Ray Cyrus, Diamond Rio and more.The Pre-Jam Party, which starts at 6 p.m., will feature Stars Go Dim and We Are Messengers.Admission is a $10 donation at the door. No advance tickets will be sold. Winter Jam is hosted by NewSong and was founded...