See who sows hatred

...voters turned out for him in 2008)? How do these race merchants explain the NBA and NFL, which have large numbers of black...society. His dream has not been realized because of the race merchants and hatemongers.George WeberAugusta

Martha Stewart Living acquired for about $353 million

...back to the brand."I believe this is a good deal. It can be a powerful brand again," said Dan Hess, the president of Merchant Fore cast, an independent research firm. Stewart called the deal a "transformational merger." Stewart will remain as chief...

Need a reason to pay by phone? Apple, Google add new features

...other services like PayPal and apps from merchants like Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts...measures and financial terms. Some big merchants have balked at services developed by...information.Apple says shoppers and merchants have embraced Apple Pay, although it hasn't...

William "Bill" Merry, owner of Merry's Trash and Treasures on Broad Street dies

...lost one of its biggest proponents with the death of longtime merchant Bill Merry.William "Bill" Merry, who owned Merry's Trash...moving in."McCully remembered Merry as the first downtown merchant to arrive to work in the mornings and one of the last to leave...

Americans getting new credit cards with chips

...of thousands of individual merchants need to upgrade their equipment...available. However, if a merchant does accept chip cards for purchases...made. After that date, most merchants who continue to accept magnetic...banks, payment companies and merchants. HOW DO I USE THE CHIP CARD...

Google unveils Android's latest technological tricks

...operating system will boast new ways to fetch information, pay merchants and protect privacy on mobile devices as the Internet company...credit and debit cards in smartphones that can be used to pay merchants equipped with terminals that work with the technology. Android...

George Hawkins Jr.

...Hawkins, Jr., age 89. Mr. Hawkins was a native of Hampton, GA but has lived in Augusta since 1956. He served with the Merchant Marines during World War II. He was drafted from the US Army Reserve into Active Duty from 1950-1953. He was a good Christian...

Suspect dead after attack on Dallas police building, police say

A man suspected of spraying the Dallas Police Headquarters with gunfire early on Saturday is dead, police confirmed, although authorities said they have not yet identified him.

Tragedy is not surprising

...everything will be back to "normal," and many people outside this area will have forgotten in what city it occurred.The merchants of death will be raking in their profits and running for election promising to protect you from violence. Remember, all...

Apple makes product upgrades, pushes into streaming music

...payment cards and rewards from loyalty programs offered by merchants like Walgreens and Dunkin Donuts. That could be a key to...Apple says Apple Pay has been quickly embraced by shoppers and merchants since it was launched last fall, but it hasn't released...