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Know how much computer your child needs

...Router - Scanners - Screen projectors (monitor type) - Computer speakers - Storage devices - USB cables - USB memory devices (excluding those designed for use in digital cameras or other taxable items) Source: Georgia Department of Revenue
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Entrepreneur dreams of global brand China's infant computer industry. Aigo took off in the mid-'90s when it started making portable computer memory devices. Today, it is China's biggest producer of them, including the credit card-size 30-gigabyte unit in Mr. Feng's...
Military spends $2 billion in Carolinas; War could bring more is helping design a new generation of computer memory devices for the Air Force. UNCC is one of several universities collaborating to design a computer memory device the size of a sugar cube that can handle more memory...
Floppy disk reaches old age, nearing death

...said Pat Blaisdell. The floppy disk has several replacements, including writeable compact discs and keychain flash memory devices. Both can hold much more data and are less likely to break. Even so, floppies have been around since the late 1970s...
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Year 2000 fears spawn survivalist communities

...and microprocessing chips when they were first developed for widespread use. Programmers, trying to save space on memory devices, chose to use two digits for dates, such as 98 for 1998. But when computer clocks roll over to 00, the systems...
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Desktop printers open new chapter in counterfeiting

...scanner could be installed so that it would not scan anything resembling currency. Or printers could be outfitted with a memory device that would tell whether money had ever been printed on the machine. Jeremy James, a spokesman for Hewlett Packard...
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