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Roberta Jenifer

...Williams; siblings, Flossie Watkins, William H. (Darlene) Edwards, Robert (Dorethea) Edwards, Bernice (Melvin) Edwards Butler, Odelee (Angela) Edwards, Juanita Jones; nieces, nephews and a host of other relatives. The family...
Meetings for Georgia hunters take up various subjects

...late-season cold weather attracts fewer deer hunters, while the opening weeks of the rut draw the biggest crowds. Melvin Edwards acknowledged that coyotes can affect deer population, but said the hunters must play the defining role in the size...
Why a total gun ban wouldn't work

...the leftists want imposed go into effect, what kind of questions will the people selling guns then ask? I'm willing to bet they'd be the same as the drug dealers ask now, "You got the money, kid?" Melvin Edwards, Crawfordville
Hunters want whitetails' expansion limit cut back

...seasons and regulations. And they got an earful. "Our deer herd can't sustain the limit we have now," said Melvin Edwards. "When you have 25 people hunting 640 acres, they don't need to be killing 12 deer each." Ray Clements of Louisville...
Rob Pavey
Hunters offer solutions to state's deer decline

...when hunters can kill antlerless deer."If things don't change, we may have to give up our lease," he said.Melvin Edwards, who has also seen a decline in deer numbers on the 112-acre parcel he bowhunts each year, said a possible solution...
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Mr. Gary Edwards (WASHINGTON, Ga.)

...wife, Margaret Wyatt Edwards, of the home; one son, Clint Edwards, of North Augusta, S.C.; one brother, Melvin Edwards, of Crawfordville and one sister, Claire E. Stratton, of Crawfordville. The family will receive friends tonight...
Are you a lion or a jackal?

Many Americans have lost the heart of the lion, and have become content to behave as jackals, living off the efforts of others.
Vick was not your surrogate father justice being served in his case. It just occurs to me that the reaction from the press and the public is way over the top, and reveals as much about the society in which we live as Vick's own actions. Melvin Edwards, Crawfordville