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Nuclear institute helped teachers promote STEM

Based on this very positive response, planning for the second SSNI during the summer of 2016 has started.
Privatizing the storage of nuclear plants' used fuel is worth pursuing

Congress should take action on the matter without delay.
Put coal and nuclear plants at forefront of America's energy diversity

All this is critically important in the battle against climate change.
Clean-energy plan flawed

Congress should reject EPA's carbon rules.
Streamline export licensing

Bureaucratic red tape puts U.S. companies at a competitive disadvantage.
N-power plants safe from attacks

...reduce even unlikely hazards and threats. In the words of Mr. Alvarez, this program must become a top security and public safety priority. Stop the political hand wringing and get on with it now. Mel Buckner, North Augusta, S.C.
Opinion columns
SRS teams with area colleges

...three institutions. "We have needs for environmental scientists in coming years for our cleanup activities," said Mel Buckner, a senior consultant for the site's research and development lab, Savannah River Technology Center. "We would...
Former drug dealer now recruits for God

...what it can to make a difference and show the love of Jesus, he said. "It opens up opportunities," he said. Dr. Mel Buckner, an engineer at Savannah River Site, works with Mr. Aitken as Agape chairman. "In the past prior projects, we...
Things to Do
Nuke waste issue critical

The nuclear waste issue should be raised as a defining issue in the Republican primaries and in the subsequent general election in 2012
Don't stifle nuclear power

Nuclear power's environmental record is impressive.